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Cannot RDP to computer even thought it's enabled

I had to re-image a Windows 10 PC on a domain and since then, the computer will not accept any RDP connections. I have followed this article: and the weird thing is that after I deleted the self signed certificate, it did not regenerate it, but the MachineKeyFolder permissions are correct. I don't know what else to try. I have turned off AntiVirus (Trend Micro) and tried both DHCP and static IPs. All the settings I know of for RDP are enabled. This user works remotely and relies on RDP to connect to her computer through VPN. Other computers on the network accept VPN connections.

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Can the re imaged station be seen in the domain?

Try re joining to domain
The link you gave shows an error

"404 - Page not found"

Alternatively, try the troubleshooting steps on this page are the same:
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Yes, it is on the domain, can access all domain resources, printers, mapped drives, can see other domain members, can even RDP to other computers. It shouldn't need to be on a domain for RDP. I have many offices I support that are on workgroups and can use the VPN and them RDP to a computer to work remotely. All these factors make me think it is unrelated to the domain.

I don't know why my link didn't copy correctly but your link is exactly what I tried. Nothing worked.
You mention that users are trying to access it through a VPN.  Are they able to ping it?  Have you tried to RDP to it from a computer on the same network?
Always test locally as compprobsolv suggested.

Can you connect using psexec?
To check netmask?

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I think I got it solved. I enabled file & printer sharing to be able to ping. I changed the firewall to allow RDP and now it works.

Thanks you all of your for your suggestions. I think I am okay on this one. So strange that I have never had this issue before in the 20 years I have been setting up computers for this client. The only thing I did differently was to join it to the domain remotely. Maybe that was it.
Glad to hear you got it working.

A good starting point when RDP won't work is to disable AV, disable the firewall (on the computer), and test locally.  If that works, you can move back one step at a time and see where the problem is.
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