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Is it possible to have two KMS Server in a Domain?

Hello Experts

currently we got one KMS Server, which works perfectly fine, however, there have been discussions in the past of who is responsible for the KMS Server.

The KMS Server is holding keys for Windows Clients and Server.

Now we are moving into a new DataCenter, but we are not allowed to migrate, a new server has to be set up anyway.

 I had contact with both Teams and each Team would like to have their own KMS Server (Client Team a KMS for Client activation, Server Team for Server activation).

This way the responsibility would be clear, but is that technically possible?

As far as I understood, there is only one KMS record in DNS.

The Servers are anyway running some pre-config Scripts e.g. to onboard localadmin account into PAM solution and some HealthChecks. What if Servers get thier KMS Server using a script, while clients get their KMS using the DNS record.

Or how would you solve this responsibility issue?


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David Johnson, CD
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You can have multiple KMS server in same domain. Just make sure that the appropriate srv records are created in DNS for each server.  It will work as like round robin.

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Seth Simmons
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OK thanks Seth and David that answer helps a lot.