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Regular Expression needed to Alter URL on WPengine hosted website using Nginx

So we recently migrated a site over from Joomla to wordpress - we were able to get the permalinks to match very closely however the joomla URL throws a random number in fron of the post title in the URL - They are very concerned about getting the links to redirect properly on the new website - So was wondering if someone could help me with writing a redirect rule that would work on a Nginx server 

I found this post which seems similar to what I am trying to do - 

just need it modified for my specific use case 

So here is an example scnario

 New site URL (Wpengine)  - 

current site URL (Joomla)

So I would need a 301 redirect rule that would remove the random numbers in front of the post name - in this example it would be 24279-  that would need to be removed to create a redirect that goes to 

we were playing around with some stuff but it was breaking a lot of the image URLs because some of the images have numbers in them... So need a solution that will not change the URL if it is an image.

This is what we tried 
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