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Forward email messages from Exchange server 2019 (Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS))

We have a company address, i.e. used to receive invoices. 

They need to be forwarded automatically to an external address, i.e.  to be processed there. 

This cause problem with SPF and DKIM as you probably know. 

So, I'm asking for best solution to solve this problem. Maybe 

Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) would be the thing here, but I can not configure it. 
Or maybe there are som kind of forwarding option letting me decide the from address?

If I take the email from a local mailbox and do a manual forward, of course it works fine. But automatically forward seems to always keep the original senders address as from-address. 

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance
Martin Rådbo

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Are you sure?

I have tried both the forward and redirect option but in the Exchange admin center, but in both case the from address are unchanged.

If making a rule in Outlook, or in my case the OWA web page, the mail are NOT forwarded at all for some option. But if I do a move to a folder in the same rule, that part is working. I guess there are some deny rule somewhere for users to do forwading, but I have not found it.

And also, searching for the problem seems to tell me that forwarding from Outlook is not the solution, but it would be nice to at least give it a try :-)
Problem solved.

A user made forward from Outook / OWA did it.
But to be allowed to forward outside organisation, I had to add the domain name as approved.