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Emails released from quarantine O365 are not showing in any folders in mailbox

I have a few users that are reporting that when they select quarantined emails from O365 and tell them to be released, they are never seeing them in any of their email folders.

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Just found out via the 365 Defender screen that for this one user, the quarantined emails she requested were sitting in there with the status of release requested. Of course, I released them, and she received those.
So, the question is, why are the sitting in there with that status?
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Some of the emails were from April 5
It’s possible that there was a delay in processing the release request for the quarantined emails. This could be due to a temporary issue with the system or high volume of requests. If this issue persists, it may be worth contacting Microsoft support for further assistance.
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The are sitting in quarantine and she can't release them but you can because you most likely need to review you quarantine policies for releasing certain classifications of mail such as different types of spam, or phishing and so forth. The classification may be one where your spam policy doesn't allow the user to release it themselves but they can request it to be released by an administrator. Look in Defender for you spam, malware and phishing policies and you will find your issue.
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There was a policy that Microsoft had made a change to when they were assisting us with something else, which was causing the emails to wait for an admin to release.