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Outlook on Mac Error 19874 - Can't Send Emails

Hello All,

I have a Mac user that is having an Outlook issue.  He can receive emails but not send.  There is an error box in the lower right corner that I have attached to this post.  The error code is 19874.  When I look up that code the blogs say to clear the cache which we have done for every folder inside of Outlook.  We have even removed the cache folder from the user's library and removed the Outlook Cache folder.  Not sure what to try next since the user does not want to remove his O365 profile and add it back.  Outlook has been fully updated via the App Store.

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Gerwin Jansen
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Is the user able to use the Outlook web client without issues? 

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Robert Battaglia


Yes - I am having him do that now and his iPad and iPhone are working fine as well.
Gerwin - De eerste keer dat ik een Nederlander heb die mij helpt. Ik kom oorspronkelijk uit Zwanenburg.

Hi Robert, yep I'm Dutch ;)

But about the issue, since owa and other devices are working fine, the issue is local to that Mac, not on the Exchange side. 

Reinstalling Outlook on the Mac would be possible option but since something is apparently corrupt so there's a chance that the profile will need to be recreated. You could first try and add a new profile (identity) and see if the new profile has the same issue.

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Robert Battaglia

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So my suggestion to reinstall worked, nice. Can you refer to the bulletin for reference? Thanks.

Incident MO544165.