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Chrome, GMail and Adobe issues.

   I have a customer who insists on using Gmail and GMail's web page. It will be the death of me. In Chrome he goes to his email via and there he says most of the day. Today the problem is printing PDF attachments. It says simple "there is an error printing". What I have noticed at that point is that Adobe opens on the taskbar and is sitting at the print dialog waiting to print but he can't see it becase Chrome stays in the foreground.

   The one thing I really don't understand is that when he opens a PDF it doesn't shell to Adobe. It stays in Chrome with some kind of weird Acrobat emulation with the "print" icon in the upper right and when he hits print that is when it fails. Is there a simple way, that when he clicks on a PDF attachment, that it can truly open it with Adobe and not do this weird emulation inside chrome? 

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That is the exact screen that starts the ball rolling. I don't think this guy could handle downloading. All he has ever done is click the print icon. Now that only works about hald the time. So no way to actually shell to Adobe when he clicks on the attachment?

If you hit the Print icon, then the print icon again you should see a print preview before you actually print. 

I think that is what is happening but not sure. Eventually Acrobat shows up on the Taskbar with the print dialog open. He just isn't aware that it is there.
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Sounds a simple enough request, however there isn't a simple way to click on a PDF attachment in Chrome Gmail and expect it to print from your locally installed version of Acrobat!

The easiest workaround is to stop Chrome taking control, download the PDF locally and then launch the local Acrobat Print Dialogue

In Chrome select the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the browser window
Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security
Select Site Settings > Additonal content settings > PDF documents.
Use the toggle switch next to Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome to turn the feature on and off
Switched off when the user clicks the Print icon (or the Download icon)  in Chrome's preview page the PDF is instead downloaded so appears at the bottom left of the browser window as the most recent download

Clicking on that will open the PDF in a local instance of Acrobat Reader at the Print Dialogue  (provided that's the default in Windows - Set in Acrobat with Edit > Preferences > General > Select As Default PDF Handler)

This way at least because the user is clicking on the download list in Chrome the opening document takes "focus" and ends up on top of the browser window.

The other alternative is Acrobat's own Chrome Extension

Which opens yet another custom interface for your customer to get used to!