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can't scan to email from copier

Can't get my Kyocera TASKalfa 6054ci printer/copier to scan to email. See screenshots. 1st screenshot is of a backup program that works in our office to send and email after the completion of a backup task. Not sure what setting on the Kyocera is not set correct. 

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What response do you get when you run the email Test on the printer?

There is a setting on the printer named "Authentication as" that is set to "other".  What other choices do you have for that?  Have you tried them?

On a separate note, are you trying to scan and email to destinations outside the office or to users within the office?
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I am trying users in the office, but the test on the admin portal of the printer gives me a connection error as well.
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The link David provided is what you want. I have used that myself. It is a matter of starting with option 1 and if you can't get that work try 2 and 3.

If your primary use of it is to scan documents to in-house users, consider using a scan-to-folder process.  If the need to scan to outside users is minimal, have local users scan to their own folder and have them email it.

If you will be emailing to many different non-local users and don't need documentation of who sent them, then setting up scan-to-email makes a lot of sense.  I've been able to convince my clients not to use that method, but not all clients are the same.