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Help using a join in a SQL Query pivot query

Good morning Everyone, I was looking for some expert help on a SQL Query that Im working on. The query I have works as written but now I need to add some data from a different table and wanted to do a join....I cant seem to figure this out as my existing query has a PIVOT in it, and it doesnt seem clear to me where or if I can add another table. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

The below gets the info I need to export to a spreadsheet in a pivot, and it is giving me exactly what I want:





   CONCAT(MONTH(post_date), YEAR(post_date)) AS Y



) PROBEResults




  FOR [Y]

  IN (














AS PivotTable 

order by [commit_doc_number] asc

But now I need some fields added from another table, primarily the budget_miprs_sent table.fy and budget_miprs_sent.mipr_type for starters. The field commit_doc_number appears in each table.

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Actually, now that I think about it...maybe I dont need a left join like I was thinking...the only thing I was worried about was having commit_doc_numbers in the P2P_TABLE that doesnt appear in the BUDGET_MIPRS_SENT table

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Without sample data and expected results it is sort of a guess.

So, my guess is:
Can you not join inside the inner query before the pivot in the outer query?
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Scott Pletcher
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