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Failed RDP for Microsoft Intune in Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments


This is Windows 10, Microsoft 365, and hybrid environments.

The email system is

User James Black:

User Beverly White: (She is a Domain Administrator)


Machine A is still in o-prem active directory. I connect machine A to Azure, then to Intune.

In Machine A, there is local Admin that name “Boba Admin”

I set up the machine into Azure for

When James Black  RDP (Remote Desktop) from his home, there is an error message:

“Your credentials did not work”

And the Domain administrator (Beverly White) tried to RDP, and failed with the same error message (“Your credentials did not work”)

When James Black RDP to machine A > He select "other user" which is "Boba Admin", then he can login to Machine A successfully.


Any Solution?


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David Johnson, CD
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check the rdp settings on the machine.. you probably don't have the remote desktop users group. and only the local administrator account

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@David: How to check the RDP setting on my machine?
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