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Change PowerShell script to move all files to Archive if older than 20 days

I would like to change the following PowerShell script to move all files regardless of extension, or no extension, if they are older than 20 days they need to be moved to the Archive folder. 

Any assistance is appreciated.

$sourcePath = "C:\Users\Users1\Inbound"
$archivePath = "C:\Users\Users1\Inbound\Archive" Get-ChildItem -Path $sourcePath -File | ForEach-Object {     $csvFile = $_     if ($csvFile.Extension -eq ".csv") {         $prefix = $csvFile.BaseName         $matchingFiles = Get-ChildItem -Path $sourcePath -Filter "$prefix*"         $duplicateFileFound = $false         foreach ($file in $matchingFiles) {             if ($file.Name -ne $csvFile.Name) {                 $duplicateFileFound = $true                 break             }         }         if ($duplicateFileFound) {             Move-Item -Path $csvFile.FullName -Destination $archivePath         }     } }

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