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Set the value of the min and max value of a form number field with ajax.

Please can someone advise if there is a way to update an input number field with a minimum and maximum value via an ajax call?

I have a form that is used is part of an PHP based auction website. The bidding page refreshes every 10 seconds to show the highest bid etc. The minimum value of the input needs to increased to max at least the value of the last bid.

I don't want to refresh the entire form or field as the user may have already entered a value in the form and not submitted yet.

Thank you

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Richard Lloyd


Just found something that might work:

$('input[name="bid"]').attr('min', [enter value here via ajax. eg response.minbid])

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Something like

$.get("aServerProcessReturningANumber", (data) => $('input[name="bid"]').attr('min',data));
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