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Copy and Pasting Question

I have the words "The quick brown fox" in cell A2.

I have a reference to Cell A2 in Cell A1. (in Cell A1 I have "=A2")

The words in Cell A1 also appear as "The quick brown fox"

When I copy Cell A1 and go to paste it, however, it pastes the value "0". Or when I got to Save As the workbook after copying A1 and try to paste it as the title of the document, the paste function is grayed out completely.

How to I copy the words in Cell A1 -- that has a reference to words in Cell A2 -- so that I can successfuly paste those words?


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Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)
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That's because the reference A2 in the formula (=A2 ) in cell A1 is the relative reference and it will always refer to one cell below. Make it an absolute reference it would work...

In A1


Open in new window

There are many ways to insert values instead of formula.
1. Copy cell, go to destination and press CTRL+ALT+V
2. Copy cell, right click on destination and select Values (Icon with 123) from menu

And you can't copy formula to file name. You should select cell with value (and even in this case you should copy text inside cell - double click on cell, select text and copy it)
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So the absolute reference does work, but what you're saying is that it won't work if I'm trying to paste the words from Cell A1 to be the file name when performing a "Save As" action?

When you copy cell with absolute reference, you also copy formula, so it could not be copied to file name in Save As

In a helper cell, can I somehow convert the formula that returns the text, to text itself so I can copy and paste to the file name?

All possible ways were in my first comment
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I got it to copy from Cell A1 (=$A$2) and paste into the file name as Rob Henson suggested, in addition to the absolute reference Subodh suggested and everyone referenced. The trick was using top/header bar on the worksheet to Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste ... I had misunderstood Rob Henson where to do that. Thank you all!