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Join tables

Microsoft Access 2016
How do I join table Training with table ClassNames? I need the ClassName from table ClassNames
Training.Class_Type_ID = ClassNames.ClassID
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

It doesn't appear the tables are designed properly where they can be joined.

The training table should hold the foreign keys for the Locate, Class and Instructor tables.

Remember from several previous questions, pretty sure we suggested better normalization of your tables?

Normally, you would try to use the same field names for the primary key and the foreign key fields in all of the tables which reference the primary key.  So, netminder is right that your tables are not designed properly. 

SELECT T.Serial_No, T.Class_Type_ID, CN.ClassName

FROM Training as T LEFT JOIN ClassNames as CN ON T.Class_Type_ID = CN.ClassID