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Since Microsoft is not responding, maybe somebody can help us solve our problems.

Hi all,

Multiple errors with our hybrid Exchange Migration.  Just a few days ago, everything was working fine then suddenly Autodiscover no longer works. We have 3 new users that I can't setup up because it says our domain (.org) is not recognized.  All my reports that I set up with no longer show up in my inbox. For example, BackupExec gives me these errors: 

25           BESERVER            6820       5/3/2023 6:36:37 PM     0              In Function MN: SendNotification Exception : 5.7.57 Client not authenticated to send mail.

Error: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful [ 08DB4BC333D92E79]


21           BESERVER            6820       5/3/2023 6:39:28 PM     0              In Function MN: SendNotification Authentication exception = 535: 5.7.139 Authentication unsuccessful,

 the request did not meet the criteria to be authenticated successfully. Contact your administrator. [ 08DB4B8C105467BF]

We have two accounts that cannot be added to distribution groups.  All this started after the active directory sync was restarted by our Microsoft Partner because of sync error.  Our Partner called Microsoft and was on the phone for 4 hours and no one picked up the call.  Our Microsoft Partner emailed Microsoft and had the call turned into an incident.  We received an acknowledgement email but have not heard otherwise from Synntex.  

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Rodney Barnhardt
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The fact that two accounts cannot be added to distribution groups could also indicate a problem with your Active Directory sync. Do check on that!
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Hi all,

After I posted this, Microsoft finally contacted me.  There were numerous problems:

 First, the Microsoft Engineer had to run some tool on his end to fix the Active Directory SYNC.  Then, the user's UPN and the Proxy addtess under "Attribute Editor" on our on-premises AD had to change.  For example, the UPN was listed as user@ourcompany.local and not   Next the Proxy address had to be edited so that the SMTP address had to change to SMTP: (NOTE: SMTP: has to be capitalized and BOLD) 

Now you could change the user login information from user@ourcompany.local to  

The final step was to run Active Directory Sync.  

Thanks for all the suggestions.  

Still waiting for a solution to the reports not running.  Will let you know how Microsoft fixes it.


Great to hear.

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