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Find the Last Record in a Grouping that isn't blank

Hello, I need assistance with what is probably a straightforward formula, but despite my best efforts, I am at a loss. Most likely, it's an SUMPRODUCT formula.

Three groups (ZCMP, ZGEM, and ZPRF) with spaces between them can be found in column A.

Each grouping contains 1-2 different combinations that are organized by color.

If the final cell in column A is not blank, I want to label the last record in the Combo column as a "GEM Flag".

I could apply the formula in column B, but that would just indicate the last entry (=IF(B3>B2,"GEM flag","")).  I want the cell before the last record to be marked as GEM Flag if the last record is blank.

Ex. Because A23 is blank and B23 is the last entry, I need C22 to indicate "GEM Flag" instead of B23.

Last GEM Record.xlsx

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Thank you again for helping me out in a pinch.  You're the BEST!!