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how to check log for deleted exchange contacts

We use exchange server 2013.

few contacts got deleted from exchange in last few months. 

I got a task to find out who deleted those contacts.

Who can i find that ?

Is there any script i can run to find that?

note: i know domain name of that contact.

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contacts are defined in Active Directory and enabled in Exchange?

Or is it only contacts defined in the Outlook client?

If contacts are defined in AD, and if the audit of the object has been enabled, you could hope to find some information in event logs during some time (but not even a month).

If contacts are defined in Outlook itself, it will be impossible to find that kind of information.

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Glad to know you sorted out. :))

Appreciate if yuo can share details or a screenshot.  



I'm interested to know the found solution.

I doubt that information about old deletions done several months ago can be found by a tool installed later.

But, a new installed tool can audit and find NEW deletions.