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Could you give me a fasttrack to convert my site from Google Analytics Universal to GA4 ?

Hi Experts

Could you give me a fasttrack to convert my site from Google Analytics Universal to GA4 ?

I recently received this advice from Google Analytics but for me the meaning is very obscure,  what must to be configured and for what ?

Could you clarify it to me?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Eduardo

Analytics simply means inserting a line of code from Google into your webpage. The code has a unique ID and Google then use it to track visits and provide you with usage metrics (and also optional advertising opportunities - but mainly the former, it also helps them populate we search results)

There's an open question about it here which should provide you with more information &/or help you ask the right questions to solve this.

It assumes you have a Google Workspace account you can associate with the site to gather these statistics.

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The general concept of Analytics for me is ok, my doubt remains on what must to be configured to convert my site from Google Analytics Universal to GA4.
I know there is a manual to explain it in detail but if I could obtain here at least general lines of this meaning it would be great...
If your site already has a UA tag and you have an analytics account most of the work is done. Log into your analytics account and you should see an option to create a new GA4 tag.
You simply replace the UA code with this. Just put it on the site landing page and then check with the analytics site that it's being recognized correctly.
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Once I get the Tag for the URL I place it in the WP header just under the page title

<!-- Google tag (gtag.js) -->
<script async src=""></script>         <script>             window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];             function gtag(){                 dataLayer.push(arguments);             }             gtag('js', new Date());             gtag('config', 'G-1234567890');         </script> <link href="//" rel="dns-prefetch">

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Just replacing '1234567890' with the Tag.


Thank you for your replies.
Sorry, I will need some time more to better check it.


I'm just getting back to this. If I get this straight, just paste this into EVERY page:

<!-- Google tag (gtag.js) -->
<script async src=""></script>
         <script>             window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];             function gtag(){                 dataLayer.push(arguments);             }             gtag('js', new Date());             gtag('config', 'G-1234567890');         </script> <link href="//" rel="dns-prefetch"> 

Where I replace G-1234567890 with the tag Google gave me.

But a more general question, now that I've gotten this far, I THOUGHT Google Analytics would be a POSITIVE step to making our site more likely to be viewed by the desired audience. My full intention is to add a plugin, like Math Rank, to feed the characteristics we want to use for those that might be attracted to us. 

Am I on the right track or not?

Thank you,


Analytics is not the same as Search Engine Optimization - the latter drives traffic to you while the former tell you if it's working or not.

It's a great tool to see how visitors use your site and then you can make informed choices about how you design it.

And yes add it to the header on each page, GA can then report on how visitors move through your site where they spend time, where they exit.  There are lots of metrics.

Based on the instructions provided by you, I understand that I correctly configured the sites.

Going through Scott's instruction (screenshots he provided) got the upgrade codes for G4.

WIX website - the Google Analytics process is so automated that it identifies that the hosting is on WIX and already gives the instructions, so it is only necessary to paste the code as indicated.

GoDaddy website with website builder, you quickly get the way to go into configuration and copy the generated code to this website.

GoDaddy website without website creator, created from html/ php/ codes... then just copy the snippet of code obtained from Google Analytics and paste it just below the <head> for all pages of the website.

I think this should work. I think that's all it should be... if you see something incorrect here or something else needs to be added, please correct me!
How to check everything is correctly configured?
It's great to have your help!

How to check everything is correctly configured?

When you are in Analytics it will show you if you are receiving data or not.


I checked it and that's ok for almost everything.

Amazingly, the godaddy site mantains 02 versions, accordingly to:
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I opened this new question related to the doubts above