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DFS Namespace setup error: namespace cannot be queried

I am trying to setup a DFS Namespace but am getting the following error

\\<domain>\new-public: the namespace cannot be queried. Access is denied.

I have tried with several different name and all gave the same error.

I am using a Domain Admin

I have tried running it As Administrator   

This file server does not have any other DFS on it

How do I correctly create a namespace?

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Where are you getting the error? When navigating through explorer or in the dfs admin window? 

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DFS Management.

It appears when I try to set the type of namespace.

Did you check the permissions on the folder (I know you are using Administrator, but it could have gotten messed up). Also, make sure none of the folders are set as "read-only" since for the replication they need to be all "read-write". 


As @Rodney Barnhardt has mentioned, ensure that the server hosting the namespace has appropriate permissions. The server should have at least Read and Execute permissions on the shared folder.

If you are creating a domain-based namespace, verify that your domain functional level is set to at least Windows Server 2008 mode. You also need to be logged in as a domain administrator with sufficient privileges to create namespaces. Double-check that you are using the correct domain admin account either way.

Alternatively, you can try creating the namespace on a different server to see if the issue is specific to the current server.

I have confirmed that domain admin has full permission as well as explicitly adding my admin account.

Domain functional level is 2012.

Does it need caching of credentials?

We have the privileged account caching turned off.

DFS Namespace creation does not specifically require credential caching. The "privileged account caching" you mentioned, which refers to the caching of credentials for privileged accounts, is not directly related to the creation of DFS Namespaces.

However, if credential caching is disabled, it might affect the ability to authenticate and access resources required for DFS Namespace creation, especially if the server needs to communicate with domain controllers or other network services.

Same error on another server

I have confirmed the user account is Domain Admin

I have confirmed the user account has full access to the folder

I have confirmed Everyone has full access to the folder

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