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Unable to delete VVOL datastore; resource in use

I am retiring a SAN array and am having problems removing the vVols associated with the array before I decommission the storage.

I have multiple cluster in my data center, and two vVol datastores. Each vVol datastore is associated with a different cluster.

The first datastore appears to have no volumes, folders, or files. It has already been deleted on the back end, it would appear. When I try to unmount the datastore, I get "Unmount vVol volume failed! The resource 'my vVol-name' is in use."

The second datastore has a backend volume, called .vSphere-HA. Below that are two folders, called .sdd.sf, and FDM-some-long-GUID. The .sdd.sf folder is empty, and FDM-some-long-GUID has a file called protectedlist. This volume seems to get created automatically, as it reappears even if I delete it from the back end.

For both vVols, under the VMs tab there are no VMs and no templates listed. I get the same "Unmount vVol volume failed! The resource 'my vVol--second-name' is in use." error.

Any suggestions? I would like to have a clean environment before I delete/remove any more storage.

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vSphere -HA and .sdd.sf are normal for all datastores

But these are not the reason for the issues it’s likely that other inventory objects are associated with the datastore in the vCenter database

It could be those fdm folders or it’s not vCLS ?

Unfortunately Kev vSphere these days really seems to get its knickers in a twist with datastores which don’t unmount cleanly!

And you have to result to logging into each host drop the datastore remove the inventory objects

BUT you’ll end up with inaccessible or weird left over datastores in the vCenter inventory just hanging around associated with nothing

The general fix is removing entries from tables in Postgres database!

Resulting in removing tables in vCenter database I’m afraid if you deal with this stuff regularly you see it every day!

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That's not very encouraging! I am opening a case with VMware to see if they can help and not make a giant mess of this.

I’m sure they’ll resort to quick fix and edit the Postgres database to find the object and remove and remove the datastores!

Be interesting how they resolve it it gets worse with vCLS now!

They don't seem to be vCLS VMs. I did find an article on how to turn them off temporarily.

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so it was the vCLS which is a PITA!

sometimes we logon direct to ESXi host power off vLCS VMs and then drop host in maintenance mode to stop it being power on!

you can also specify which datastores not to use as well!