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Hi Experts,

While using (Scottt's) LIBHTTP, i have a CCSID issue (I think).

In de response from "http_string" and in te result file from "http_stmf" I receive

“<currencySymbol>â ¬</currencySymbol>” nstead of “<currencySymbol>€</currencySymbol>”

How to solve this?

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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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Hard to say what's going on without seeing the code.  Certainly looks like a CCSID issue to me.  Most web services return data encoded as UTF-8.  

Make sure the CCSID of http_stmf is 1208, and that you're getting unconverted data.

What's the CCSID on the http_stmf, and how are you handling the conversion?  Also what's the CCSID of http_string - it should probably be CCSID(*UTF8).

Code fragment would really help.

Also confirm the web service is actually returning UTF8, of course.


Check the response from the server includes the correct content type header. The content type should specify the character encoding used in the response body. If it's missing or incorrect, the client will interpret the data incorrectly.
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Hi Gary, Noah,

The CCSID of the inputfile is 1208 and the outputfile is 819, Even when I create that file first with CCSID 1208.
I have no idea where to define the CCSID for the output.

I already changed :


into: http_stmf('POST':URL:XMLUIT:XMLIN:'text/xml;charset=UTF-8');

and added: http_setOption('Content-Type': 'text/xml;charset=UTF-8');

No effect on the result

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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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How about overriding the CCSID of the output file?

OVRDBF FILE(outputfile) TOFILE(lib/outputfile) CCSID(819)

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The  http_setOption('file-ccsid':'1208') did the trick  :-)