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Cicso AnyConnect failed on Windows11

I was using Windows 10 and Cisco VPN client to connect my server, Now I migrating to Windows11 and Cisco VPN client does  not work there, I installed Cisco AnyConnect and when first screen comes there i input my server ip which i used to setup Cisco VPN Client in windows10 but it got failed, it show Error Connection attempt Timesout.

I have inputted HostIP which i used for Cisco VPN CLient, I am attaching that image.

When i used to setup on Windows10 then it used to ask HostIP, UserName and Password but here it just asking Server, when to enter UserName and Password, Please help asap.

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Whats the version of Cisco Anyconnect you're using? Release 4.10.07061 is the latest one. 

Make sure the Cisco VPN application isn't blocked by the Windows firewall in Win 11.

I believe I am using latest version, how to check Firewall has not blocked that, basically Anyconnect dont work on my windows10 where Cisco VPN client work fine.

Cisco VPN uses IPSEC, Anyconnect uses HTTPS. The VPN receiving end must be prepared for using Cisco Anyconnect.

There are other VPN clients that support IPSEC or use the WIndows built-in VPN client.

which client support IPSEC, please help.

OK - AnyConnect is a different beast - what you've posted is the OLD IPSEC Client that's no longer supported?

If you need to install the old client it wont work unless you jump though some hoops  see the follwoing article

Windows 10 – Running the Cisco VPN Client Software

(Ive not tried that on Windows 11 but I dont see why it should not be the same) let me know!


Cisco VPN is out of support for years. I'd rather stop using it. Use the Windows VPN client instead if possible


so what? "Not supported" in this context just means you get no help and no fixes or improvements. You might have issues using contemporary encryption algorithms, falling back to 3DES or so - ok, that is a security issue ...

Pre-W10 I never got MS VPN to connect to Cisco IPsec; that might have changed with W10, but I don't think so.

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