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Cannot see how code is dying

The client has encountered a bug, I am trying to track it down. I've reached the point where the code (php) just dies, I cannot see how it can do what it's doing.

Attached are two programs and the result of their processing. Specifically, on line 80 in mults_print.php there is an include of get_session_for_form.php. For debugging, I put in a lot of echos. Note, specifically on line 79, this echo shows. On line 3 of get_session_for_form.php, that echo does not appear.

Seems impossible, meaning probably I am overlooking the obvious.

Can someone help?

Thank you




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First off, make SURE you don't echo anything before calling session_start:

if ($_POST['xp20215'] == "on") {
   echo "got 20215 in mults_print<br>"; // <------------ IF THIS RUNS, THE SESSION WON'T START!
$fr = $_GET['fr'];
$sta = "on";
session_start(); // <-------------- THIS NEEDS TO COME BEFORE ANY OUTPUT

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Next, your code says:

   include "db_connect.php";
   echo "entered get_session_for_form<br>";

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If you add an echo BEFORE the include, will that first echo show? If so, maybe there's an error within db_connect.php.

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Made both of those changes, same result.

Thank you.


1. What does the top of the get_session_for_form.php look like after you added the new echo?

2. If you change the error reporting level to E_ALL, do you see any additional notices or anything that might provide some context?


Always check these 2 places: 

Check php errror log file on the webserver.

Check error in browser console (right click inspect)

You can test the code locally and enabling error reporting.

*Note do not enable error reporting on production live application for security reason...

Locally on test machine I'm using Xdebug this improve error reporting info, this tool is a part of Wampserver if you use this webserver,

otherwise you need to install it manually.

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Gr8gonzo, that got me past that point, the E_ALL found that code as you identified.

Still another roadblock, but past that point.

Thank you,