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USB Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

   I find it interesting. Integrated/PCIe  Wi-Fi adapters have Bluetooth. USB Wi-Fi adapters don't have Bluetooth. Why is that? 

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Most PC's or Laptops have several USB ports, so it is no problem having a separate WLAN & Bluetooth dongle.

Most PC's or Laptops only have one mini PCIe slot, so there it makes sense to integrate both onto one device.
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Something still doesn't make sense. a Mini PCIe doesn't take up much more space then a USB device and one of the reasons they put Bluetooth on a Mini PCIe is because is only costs another buck. Most people would want both.  

The size is quite different. The Mini PCIe boards are actually quite large compared to most USB sticks. Those for WLan also have connections for wires that are antennas which then go through the PC or Laptop. USB sticks don't have that. Also, the mini PCIe boards are usually sold as part of the PC or Laptop & are directly supported by the manufacturer. USB sticks on the other hand  are always 3rd party & have no support from the PC or Laptop manufacturer.

I am sitting here comparing the size of a mini PCIe card and a USB Wi-Fi Dongle. The Mini PCIe card is bigger (but thinner). Just got out of a chat with StarTech. The guy wasn't sure but his guess was power consumption. USB is 5V and he said that probably wasn't enough to drive both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the same dongle.

The Voltage wouldn't be a problem, but possibly the power consumption (Amperes or Wattage). The USB devices are actually quite a bit smaller than than the mini PCIe cards. Most of the size used is the plastic & metal case. The electronics, at least on the small devices I use, are around 5mm x 7mm in size, & for WLan they also contain a small antenna built into the electronic circuit. There isn't much room for an additional Bluetooth module there. Or then the size will get quite a lot larger & also less practical if you are using a Laptop.