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Need easy to use file folder manager

My internal storage in my Samsung Galaxy S9+ it maxed out. I have nothing left. I am asking for suggestions on which application I can obtain, either free or pay, for my Windows 10 desktop that can access my Android phone's memory and enable me to delete files I do not need. I would like to see a graphical interface that would instantly show the folders that are using the greatest amount of memory. The phone shows APPLICATIONS as the worst offender.

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I read that Samsung has an app in the Play store called MyFile. See if that works for you.

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I need a program that will work on my desktop computer to alter the files and storage on my android phone while the phone is hooked up to my desktop. I want this in order to be able to do a great deal of manipulation with a keyboard rather than the tiny phone keyboard.                                                                                                                              

Use either Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. Google Drive would probably be best for Android. On either your phone and/or your desktop, you can choose to save files in the cloud and not local or sync only selected files and folders. Actually, you want to also use Google Photos instead of whatever samsung has to store photos.

When your files and photos are in the cloud, and you loose/break your phone, there is no transferring data from one phone to the next and instead it is a matter of installing the app on your phone. When I had a samsung and used their cloud, I fell in to that trap where they make it difficult to export your data outside of samsung. I swore I would never use it again. 

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grabbing directory sizes is never an efficient operation with common filesystems which is why most file browsers do not display them. many can be configured to do so and you can find dedicated tools such as treesize.

i use primitive ftpd to access files from a computer. you can even mount the filesystem as a drive. this is both convenient and fast for syncing and moving files around. maybe not so much for your needs. 

note that remotely grabbing directory sizes is even slower than doing the same locally.

I guess  I should have simplified my question. My phone will no longer take photos of videos due to "No storage" being available. When I look at the usage of storage data. It shows APPS as the main offender of data space usage. Just looking for the easiest way to regain some of the storage space on this phone.

I would remove any bloatware on the phone to recover some space then install the app. Technically you can remove a few apps to recover the space, install MyFiles and login to one drive and move all the files you want to back up to there and see if that works for you. Then once you recover the space you can reinstall the apps you need.

As the other person (Scott Fell) said above you can always use Google Drive as well. 

I have to agree that the usual big space users are apps and photos... Most of the other info doesn't take a lot of space.

And with the S9 you can add an sd card and move all the photos there and set the system to use it for future pics...

the phone itself can tell you which app uses how much storage/cache/appsize

whatsapp is one very common offender as it will cache unlimited amounts of data such as pictures and short videos. 

many apps have parameters that allow limiting the used space.

i would both look into individual apps to determine biggest offenders and sync older photos. 

 My phone will no longer take photos of videos due to "No storage" being available.

More than likely it is your photos filling up the phone and not files.  If Google Photos is not already installed, add it and follow the prompts to move all of your photos to the app and you can also choose to keep your photos in the cloud. That will get you what you are looking for. 

From there, you can use your desktop and go to 

I already do have a 400gb micro sd card installed. It has 40% storage remaining on the card. I just need the tools to determine what is taking up so much space and can those files be either deleted or transferred to my sd card. I presently do have all pictures and movies being taken to be stored on the sd card. 

With MyFiles it has an option, Analyze Storage. It tells you what is taking up all the space. Try that app like I said in my original post and it should give you the info you need.

Here is an example screen shot....

User generated image

I would make sure you have all of those synced to Google Photos or Drive. Things can happen to the phone or sd card. Using those tools, there is no thinking about backing up as long as you sync. I set mine to sync over data to be safe.  

If you are looking for a USB cable method rather than cloud options, just select "File Transfer" on the phone's USB options and simply manage the phone's file system using standard Windows File Explorer or any preferred File Manager for Windows.

Mike, how do I locate USB options?

I just connected my phone to my computer. Once I unlocked my phone screen, the PC asked if I want to access my phone. Then it asks what I want to access. I just clicked files and folders. I did not need any software to connect my phone to my computer. 

usb option should popup as a notification whenever you plug a cable. if it  does not pop, it still should be available from the notifications area.

note that from my experience, using usb cables has always been both slower and much less reliable than network based which is why i commonly use ftp for any operation that involve large volume or large number of files. in some cases, even listing directories such as DCIM can crash, hang or whatever. avoid touching the cable or phone once it is plugged.

Hello Experts. I am in the hospital at the moment and unable to devote appropriate time to this matter. I will work on your kind solutions as soon as possible. I will post as I progress. Thanks for understanding. 

Oh no, get fixed up and be well!

When you connect your Android phone to a Win10 PC via USB and then unlock the phone , it will appear in file explorer under THIS PC.  You can then use TreeSizeFree to tell what folders are using all the space.


Due to "life" happening I wish I had more time to devote to fixing this problem Experts. With the suggestions  that I have tried I have been able to determine that there is a more elegant yet simple solution to this difficulty. I just need the time to implement your suggestions in depth. Health issues are presenting a problem. Let me touch on a few points. With the help you have given to me in time I will find the elegant solution. For now I freed up enough to put me back in operation. However I do not know what the phone is now telling me. Evidently it thinks there is a big difference between STORAGE and MEMORY. It is showing APPS as using a LOT of  storage. I am trying to figure out which app is using 4 GB of storage.

Storage is the rewritable memory that doesn't go away when you power off the phone... Think of it like a file cabinet.

Memory often refers to the ram, or temporary storage everything uses while running. It "goes away" when power is removed.

mine is not a samsung so the menus may slightly differ but the same tooling should exist.

parameters > about the phone > storage ---> produces a menu with applications/images/audio/...

apps is clickable and provides the details for each app.

in my case, OsmAnd uses up over 4Gb which is expected as i have a number of offline maps stored

then comes firefox, userland, delta chat, opera ....

you need to have a reasonable idea of what is reasonable for each app and remember many apps feature a setting that allows to set a max cache space

 With all the valuable information I was able to trim my files so that I now have sufficient space for more pictures. Thanks so much Experts!