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 I understand there is an AI assented software called co-pilot which allows programming in "Natural Language".

Can someone guide me to where I can begin to learn it? 

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It's a tool that GitHub built.  You can start using it from here:

There is an open legal question (as with much of the new generative AI) about whether the way the tool was built is legal or not (since it relies on learning from data stored at GitHub).  You can read about that here:

But even if the tool ends up illegal, you are probably in no jeopardy from exploring it - while it's available.

Just be aware that the code it generates - that might not be legal for you to use in a project (because you won't include the necessary attribution).

Also take some time to investigate the technicals behind Large generative language models.
They are in effect a random generator that selects words from a weighted table of words.
The weights depends on the repository the model was trained on.
After generating some utterance it is validated if it still conforms to the requested input.

There are tables for all kinds of styles of texts either natural or computer languages.
So you may get correctly working code or you may get garbage it just depends on the choice of input.
If the examples had bugs..., the result will have bugs.

Adding "without buffer overflows" may or may not help when requesting code.
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