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Install Office 2021 LTSC in disconnected enviroment

Hello we're trying to upgrade from Visio Pro 2016 to Visio Pro 2021 LTSC, in the past we could go to MS VLC and download the .ISO I guess this has changed with Office 2021 LTSC as you have to download the Office Deployment tool and do it that way.  Well we operate in a disconnected environment, how can we install Visio 2021 or other Office 2021 LTSC using the Office Deployment tool without Internet access?

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I tried the above on an Internet connected system, received the attached error.  

Couldn't install.png

After setting up the .XML file the first Setup.EXE command needs to be run from a CMD or an elevated CMD session if it fails. It should just download all of the setup files to the folder Setup.EXE was run from.