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script error with GoDaddy and O365 at login

I've got a user that was using Outlook 2016 along with a GoDaddy O365 e-mail account.   Went on vacation, came back, and sometime within the last week, something changed and she now receives a script error when hitting the GoDaddy login page:

User generated image

 for any e-mail account she uses.   One mailbox she has access to with O365 is not through GoDaddy, and there is no issue logging into that mailbox (with the Microsoft login page) with Outlook.  The modern authentication works fine.

This is on a RDP server (Windows Server 2008 R2), and everyone else is fine using the same install of Outlook and reaching out to some of the same e-mail accounts on GoDaddy.   As I said earlier, this was working without issue for her.

 I can't figure out what it might be.   I have tried creating a new e-mail profile, new user profile, enabling/disabling MFA (it was disabled to start). Seems to be mail/user profile related, as it impacts every mailbox she is using through GoDaddy.

 I can't think of any special settings that we've enabled for any user that would tie into this.

Any thoughts?

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<<As far as I can understand, the issue is that the Outlook 2016 login popup window uses a half-baked version of Internet Explorer 11 and the GoDaddy login page serves Javascript it can't handle.  >>

 That's what I'm assuming as well.   It's just odd that every other user does not have a problem, and there's probably a dozen or so on this RDP server.   Guessing it is a setting in the user profile at work, but even a new user profile did not do the trick.  I also tried resetting the Internet settings to defaults, cleared the cache, cookies, etc.  just in case something was hanging around.

<<This will cause a pop up for each individual script the login page serves up, and you can test declining individual scripts until it lets you through. In my case I permitted the first one, but not the second one which allowed me to input user/password, then permitted every script after that >>

 yeah and that's the rub.  With the script errors, I can't get to the dialog to enter the password.

<<Not exactly a user-friendly solution and, if you're reading this solution, this needs to be your final warning to get the eff off Outlook 2016 as there's no guarantee this fix will work forever. >>

 They are in the process of moving to new servers and O365, so this won't be an issue for long (within the next month), but you know how users are about not getting e-mail<g>   Unfortunately, this user monitors a large number of mailboxes, and having to log into each through a web browser is less than ideal.

 I'll give your workaround a shot and let you know.

 After that, next stop is to call GoDaddy, but they will be less than helpful I'm sure given that it is Windows Server 2008 R2 and Outlook 2016.



Thanks a million.   That did the trick.


Hi Jim
Glad to have helped.
Did you mean to mark your own response as solution though? :)

<<Did you mean to mark your own response as solution though? :) >>