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Password policy of 25 characters or more

I want to implement that a policy that requires admin accounts to be 25 characters or more. However the minimum it will allow me to set it to is 14 in Group Policy so is this even possible? 

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Maybe you need to use 3rd party software

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Check your Relax minimum password length setting. On most current systems you should be able to enforce a minimum length of up to 128 characters.

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I was able to create the policy and I made myself to have the policy. I linked and enforced the policy but I am able to have a 8 character password. It is not being enforced so I changed the policy to a 14 Character policy and same result it is not being enforced. I agree that this is might not best way forward but it is out of my hands. Insurance , Cyber Security team and those above me are suggesting this. 

Did you try changing your password after the policy was applied to admins on the computer?

Have you updated the rule at the DC?

The GPO won't affect existing PWs you just need to ensure they all expire so can be replaced under the new rule (and make sure everyone affected is aware!)

I am using myself as a test and only applied the policy  it to myself. I tried changing the password several times after policy is applied

The default Domain controller Policy is overwriting the new policy?