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unable to connect to RDP session through VPN using Wi-Fi 6E

I have a new laptop with Wi-Fi 6E adapter. I connect to an L2 TP VPN with preshared key

on rare occasion I have a stable RDP connection. Most of the time when I connect to my RDP session through the VPN the screen just goes black and becomes unresponsive.

If I connect with any other machine everything works great. But none of my other machines have the Wi-Fi 6E adapter.

I'm not certain what to do next to try to resolve this problem.
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what's the remote gateway setting for the VPN on the computer?

or, in other words, does the computer access the Internet via the remote gateway at the VPN side when the VPN has been established?
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yes, the computer access is the Internet via the remote gateway.
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it looks like I just have a bad network adapter. Drop signal pretty frequently. Thank you!
if it is a hardware failure of the network adapter, the issues should apply to all network activities, not only for RDP, VPN or RPV over VPN.