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Word crashing on Mac

wordCrashReport.txtUser generated imageHello. I have a Mac that is running office 365 locally.  When I open a document using Word it immediately locks up.  I can't edit the document or do anything.  When I click anywhere on the document I just get that water droplet sound.  So I have to force close it.  I also tried checking the crash logs but nothing was there.  I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office.   After I force close I get a Visual Basic runtime error and then I get this:

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John Korchok
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Thank you @John Korchok  This information is very helpful. I will try your suggestions and let you know the outcome. 

Hello @John Korchok. Will it work if I do this from any of the other Office apps?  Reason is because I can't click on anything when I open Word.  But I can open other Office Apps. 

I was able to get to the Templates and Add-ins.  But I can't delete anything.   Is there some kind of permissions needed to do this?

You don't delete anything in Templates and Add-ins, you uncheck the checkmarks next to installed add-ins to unload them. Which add-ins do you see listed there?

Office for Mac Add-ins are generally under the Tools menu, which is on the top Apple menu bar.

It may be that you just need to do a PRAM and SMC reset, if you're on an Intel Mac.  Those are relatively quick to do and they fix a lot of wonky stuff on the Mac.  Macs have always had problems that these resets tend to fix.  I don't know why they get corrupt so often, but they do, even back before OS X.   The Apple Silicon Macs have done away with these, so you won't have PRAM and SMC issues anymore.