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The M-Team meeting between employees that use conference room and a laptop in Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments.


This is a Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments.

This is related to Microsoft Team for the meeting. Here is the situation. There is a conference room in Los Angeles Office (Conference Room A). The info is like this:

The Location A: Los Angeles

The conference room has the followings:

+Video which we call it Camera X,

+ Audio system (speaker & microphone) which we call it Audio X


The company uses the Microsoft 365. The email system is as the followings:

                +For Los Angeles’s Conference room which is Conference room A; the email is

                + There are some employees who are in the group of front Sales; they are:

                                ++ Bryan Lee (; from Chicago

                                ++ Sarah White (; from San Francisco (SF)

                                ++ Kevin Ortega (; from San Francisco (SF)

                + Bryan Lee who is in Chicago, creates the M-Team meeting (say it, Meeting #1), and send it to Sarah and Kevin who are both in San Francisco.

By the chance, Sarah & Kevin needs to visit the Los Angeles office (for other things). They do not bring their laptops with them. They want to use the Los Angeles’s Conference room (which is Conference room A) to join the Meeting #1, and Bryan will use his own laptop in Chicago.

I am in Los Angeles. I am not in charge in the conference room (but I am a part of IT group). I do not have a chance to play or to touch the conference room and do not know the M-Team well.

Question: What would I do to make this meeting #1 happening for Bryan, Sarah and Kevin where Sarah & Kevin will use the Conference room A? (Note: I saw the conference room A showing the Microsoft Team).

Please give me your solution and any options.




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I'm not sure why mention 'hybrid environments' and 'Windows 11' - you question is just about MS Teams right?

Anyway - in the meeting room - one of the people in the room should join or start the meeting, is that meeting room a so-called MS Teams enabled room? If so then easiest is to start the meeting from that room (a resource in the meeting) and then others (remote) can join the meeting. Every attendee can start the meeting btw, the first person that joins the meeting starts it and other invitees can get a notification that the meeting has started (depending notification settings).