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The Microsoft Team meeting between different location in a company which is in Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments.


This is a windows 11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environment (note: mostly it has been in Microsoft Intune)

This is related to the M-Team Meeting

The company has several branches.

In Los Angeles, It has a Conference Room A which email is

In Atlanta, it has a conference Room B which email is

George coordinated the Special Meeting (with M-Team) in Atlanta with 5 other co-workers.

There are 3 other people who are visiting the Los Angeles Office at that time. George wants these 3 people included in the Special Meeting. These 3 people did not have any invitation of the meeting, and these 3 people want to use the Conference Room A.

Question: How do they do it? please give the option answer if any



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