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Safe way to move just logs within Exchange 2016 to another drive?

We are in a hybrid configuration for our Exchange 2016 and Exchange Online environment.  From reading, it seems that we will need to keep the on-premise Exchange 2016 server for some time to populate certain attributes.   Our issue, we continually run low on space on our C drive where the OS and Exchange are installed.  We’d like to see what logs we can move safely to another drive to give us a bit more room.  We already run scripts to clear logs present, but it is not enough and we have been dipping under the 10% threshold on a semi-regular basis.


Thoughts?  What is the best practice?


Thanks in advance

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I suppose that you are speaking of Activity logs, and not logs from the databases.

For the majority of these logs, only one month is kept by Microsoft.

The best practice, for me, is to compress all the folder "logging". All the files inside are text only and highly compressible.

Generally, the 30 to 40 GB of logs can often take less than 10 GB.

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Hello.  Thanks for your quick response.  Honestly, whatever logs I can move is what I'm looking for.  However; just wanted to clarify which 'logging' folder you are referencing.  For example, under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Logging the total for 'Logging' is currently 16GB.  As far as compression, what mechanism are you using?


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Hi "MA", 

unfortunately, we are NOT speaking of database logs.

Some scripts exist to clean these logs: 

Cleanup logs Exchange 2013/2016/2019 - ALI TAJRAN 

But, all these logs are already cleaned regularly, and they can be very useful in case of problems. So, it is not wise to remove them too quicky.

Thanks - I'll start with the compression while we look for a better long term solution.  Also - on that note, have any of you with Hybrid environments considered going Native Exchange Online?  Last I saw, still need to keep on-premise for the attributes as some are missing in EXO.

Now, it is possible to remove the last Exchange servers, and to install only Exchange admin tools (On workstation or a simple server).

=> So, no more Exchange servers or Exchange services running are necessary.

I'm still in hybrid, but all my (Lab)production mailboxes are on ExchangeOnLine.

Exchange attributes are still managed and synchronized from AD.

Awesome!  Thanks Deman, that is where we'd like to be to reduce our Exchange on-premise footprint.  We have a few more things to move - DL's and a few legacy mailboxes, but that is great to hear you only truly need the Exchange Admin tools.