Accounting measures and evaluates financial information for a business or an individual household, such as assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, and more. Accounting professionals are often in charge of payroll, retirement plans, inspecting financial records, allocating resources, and ensuring the balance sheets of the organization are correct in order to properly inform business decisions.

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We have an SQL 2008r2 server based accounting system and I added a Win10 client box which performs a lot of the SQL db requests quickly, until it doesn't.  Wondering why?  The Win10 will open the DB browsers fine like the Win7's, but then clicking into open the detail on one of the browser's records... it takes 8 seconds to open, whereas on a Win7 box it takes less than 2 seconds.  Any common sense settings to do in Win10 to help it perform nicer?  Thanks!
I am seeing different logs from Cisco ISE
I need to know the difference between command authorization and accounting with command
Right now we have a home accounting office and will be adding another home office.  We need a secure way to share files.  We cannot use Dropbox or Google Drive, etc.  Would like a Western Digital MyDrive work?  We are strictly just sharing files.  Files are not opened and edited by more than one person at a time.  Any help would be appreciated.....none of us are experts in IT by any means.  Thanks so much!
I have rsyslog that is save data in my sql,
I want to save a mirkotik hotsport logs in specifc table named mikrotik
the log in general is like:
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,debug hotspot: mfs ( sending RADIUS authentication request
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,debug hotspot: mfs ( Access-Accept from RADIUS
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,debug hotspot: mfs ( using profile <default>
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,debug hotspot: mfs ( adding ip->user binding
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,account,info,debug hotspot: mfs ( logged in
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,debug hotspot: mfs ( sending RADIUS accounting Start request
Jan/03/2020 10:20:20 hotspot,debug hotspot: mfs ( RADIUS accounting request sent
Jan/03/2020 10:31:12 hotspot,debug hotspot: hotspot1: new host detected 64:D1:54:D7:DC:48/ by UDP :20552 ->
Jan/03/2020 10:31:12 hotspot,debug hotspot: hotspot1: dynamic host 64:D1:54:D7:DC:48/ added, ip
Jan/03/2020 10:47:06 hotspot,info,debug hotspot:  ha ( trying to log in by https
Jan/03/2020 10:47:06 hotspot,debug hotspot:  ha ( local user not found
Jan/03/2020 10:47:06 hotspot,debug hotspot:  ha ( sending RADIUS authentication request
Jan/03/2020 10:47:08 hotspot,info,debug hotspot:  ha ( login failed: RADIUS server is

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I have a site that exclusively uses Citrix to connect to a Windows accounting server.   However, the Event log shows RDP connections with Event ID 1149.   Those events show real users' names and source IPs.   The concern is people are RDPing into the Citrix box vs. using the Citrix client.  Is Citrix just making the RDP connections behinds the scenes from the ICA client?

To Obtain taxable income, I understand that we use EBT, but wWhy do add Accounting Deprecation and Subtract Tax depreciation?
Hi I have an access accounting program that I was brought into to fix.

I am on the last item and really need help wit h this please.

The client wants to be able to do this:

1. Press a button that will open a save file to dialog box
2.  In the save as box they want to be able to have the invoice number as the file to save, but as a pdf.
3. Finally when they press save the report is saved as a pdf as the invoice number, in the folder the user selected.

Any help. The previous programmer used cutepdf but the code is a mess

I am using a .mdb file in an Access 2013.

Thank you

I have a customer running peachtree Complete Accounting 2012. They have several computers running Win 7. Which has to go. They are using it on an office network and do not want to go cloud.

Question 1 - I have not had success getting it to run on win 10. Is there a solution?

Question 2 - They are willing to upgrade. Is there a comparable upgraded version? I am only finding cloud and single user.

Thank you
Hi good morning....
We have an old accounting software that Runs only in Windows 32bits.
The system is called: RTS ADVANTAGE.

See attached file for pict.

How Can I run it in Windows 64bits?

Thank you,
Good morning....

 We have an old accounting System (Sales, Purchases, ledgers, receivables, inventory, etc) called RTS-ADVANTAGE.  
To get specific and customized reports from that system, we have to Export the information via TXT files.   After we have the TXT files we LINK those files to MS-ACCESS, where we can build queries and reports.
The Export process is done using Macros in RTS-Advantage, which runs every 2, 5, 6 hours (let's say).
The process of exporting the information is sometimes slow and is not live.   The users needs real live information (the most possible) and running the macros to export is tedious.

Our need:
We are looking a solution to CONNECT (at least READ) the information DIRECTLY from the RTS-ADVANTAGE tables or files, so no exportation is needed and we can build queries and reports in MS-ACCESS (Preferably).  It might be ODBC for instance.  
NOTE:  RTS-ADVANTAGE was built using C++ and it uses ISAM files.
Please find attached Data Files and Pictures (Power Point) showing the program and Explorer structure.

Looking forward...
Hello, I have an Accounting access program I am upgrading to win 10. All the queries run except one that has a lot of Where parameter (5 of them).

I keep receiving the error "System resources exceeded".

I can not change the query due to the business requirements.

Any advice?

I have a user, in the accounting office, whose email account has been spoofed by a hacker.  The email account is sending out spam emails.  Some of these sent-out spam emails have gotten serious in nature (ex: telling a vendor that I charged a credit card for their payment).  The issue has gotten out of hand.  Of course, the user is not sending out these emails.  In my research, I have read that these email spoofers usually move on quickly and the spam emails stop; however, in this case, the spoofers are still at, going on 3 weeks now.  I had the user change their password; however, that didn't stop the spoofers.  In one research I did, it said to delete all of the contacts in their outlook (with no outlook contacts the spoofers have no one to send spam-like email to); however, I don't know if the user wants to do that because then all of their contacts would be gone.

Actions taken
So, what I did was create a new AD account logon for the user and an accompanied new email address.  I moved all of the user's files over and exported/imported email from their old email address to their new email address.  The user was back up and running within an hour with their new AD account and new email address.  I went into the exchange server and setup forwarding from their old email address to their new email address.  The user also added a note at the bottom of their new email address signature alerting all customers/vendors that their email …
Dear experts

Our company would like to setup open source OT management system that allows us to do following:

1. When employ wants to do OT, Start time must be submitted first and then it will only be reflected to system once administrator approved.
2. Later when employee finish job, he or she can set the end time, and there should be something that allows emplyee to upload service report that contains start and end time signed by our customers.
3. After setting end time, it should show total OT - hours and we should be able to generate monthly OT for each employee.

Plz advise something that is opensource or even if need to pay, it should be something not very expensive.
Is there any open source Accounting package, which is able to create the official Trial balance, Balance sheet, of the companies, while the relevant format is acceptable to Hong Kong government?
We are currently running Quickbooks Pro 2018.  We import invoices from a CSV on a given day.  However our accounting person then goes through customer by customer to send an invoice.  

What we are looking to do is two parts.  First we would like to generate a list of invoices for just the customers with invoices that were imported that day.  Lets call it 20 invoices, once we have that list, we would like to click to email them, but also attach that customer's aging report with that invoice(without having to bounce between a million screens).  Currently she is doing this all manually and its a nightmare.   Any help here would be absolutely amazing.
Hey, we have been having a strange problem with our Quickbooks POS ver 13 multi user installation in a club setup (4 machines). Customers have to recharge their accounts before ordering and the big problem we have is discrepancies between current and available balances. However,the sale transactions are posted in real time but the balances take seem time to synchronize(happens  to a random member account irregularly ) and we have changed the LAN routers and cabling and the problem is still persisting. The charge to account is posted after some delays of a few hours. We have integrated the solution to Quickbooks premier for financial exchange. Our company file is 500MB big and the connectivity tool doesn't post any errors. The environment is available for remote access any time. Any pointers?
Hi All,

I hope you can all help. Those with a foundation of security would be especially welcome; however opinions always offer some weight, even if from a non IT background.

I have a question regarding IT Security and Non Repudiation.

I have been in a work environment recently where I have performed the following on a whole.

1. When first starting everyone in the company was using one general admin account with "all power" permissions to administer the network.
I implemented a policy to make sure individual admin accounts where created for each IT Person; for accounting purposes.
All 3 personalized admin accounts setup have equal and full administrator permissions on the domain network.

2. When starting all passwords, including admin accounts etc.. where stored in an excel spreadsheet.
I moved this to an encrypted lastpass database; that was moved to a central platform later on for on the road IT staff.
Everyone was given access to the centrally system; however due to myself being occupied with a specific client; left management to another internal IT staff member.

3. The client which I did the above for has kept passwords of all its staff in an excel sheet; which I have advised against; however my reasoning has been ignored for control and I guess what might be a lack of trust of our IT company.

I have recently complained to my Directors(no managers, small company) about illegal activities that were taking place; such as providing unathorised …
for example i need a tools to send notification for change password in user said after 30 days...
user have ability to change password by sms and ussd code
user have 2FA or MFA authenticated by sms and email and app
i need a good reporting part for create every report
i need a OTP authentication metod
i need a interface to connect to the sysloge and sysloge server
i need to portal to send notification to every user to change password in the last of manoth


Accounting measures and evaluates financial information for a business or an individual household, such as assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, and more. Accounting professionals are often in charge of payroll, retirement plans, inspecting financial records, allocating resources, and ensuring the balance sheets of the organization are correct in order to properly inform business decisions.

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