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I used to use This Acronis Drive Monitor free software for SATA drive (the name of the file is ADM_en-us.exe).
The Lenovo T470 has mSATA drive; I tried to use the above software for Lenovo T470, but did not work.

Question: Is there a free software for mSATA drive monitor please.

I have Acronis for backups to tape.  I want to be able to backup "System State" of my DC.  What files or folders do I need to make sure get backed up?
Has anyone used Acronis Server Backup 12.5 (or any server backup) to a AWS S3 cloud storage? Does AWS accept FTP or SFTP connections to S3 Storage?
It seems their cloud storage is priced well. $276/yr for a TB. Any comments to cloud storage in general for backups?
We are deploying Windows 10 workstations using True Image.  I want to set browser default to IE, and PDF default to adobe.  
The 2 methods I researched are below.  In your opinion, should I build the defaults into the image, or just use GPO?  
Also,  if I choose to build the defaults into the image, will the OSD method work with Acronis True Image?  Or will I have to implement this a different way?
We have a master image created using Acronis. It contains Win10, MS Office, a few browsers and applications installed on it. Now, we want to bring in that image into SCCM which we will be using from now on instead of Acronis. My question is should we sysprep that image even though it will be push onto the same PC hardware/model ? how would you guys go about this? Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I am replacing an internal HD with an SSD as the current mechanical drive is beginning to fail.  The current disk is dynamic so I cannot clone it using the provided software.  Easiest thing that I think I can do is backup the current drive using Acronis and restore to new disk.  How would I then make the new drive bootable, so it could take over from the old drive?
I have a new laptop with an unformatted SSD. I have a Acronis TIB Windows 10 image I want to load on the laptop.  How do I accomplish this?  Do I simply load it on a USB, and boot to USB?

Could someone give me the basic rundown on how to create a Acronis Image, and then load it on a new workstation?
Are TIB files created by acronis true image bootable by default?  If not, how do I accomplish this?
I have VMWare 6.0, Can I clone a image to the VMWare and recovery purpose for physical server?
Any Good software for cloning physical server image? For OS recovery purpose.
Create a W10 install medium. Running into a User Permission problem
The eventual objective is to recover my W10 system.
I am following these instructions though they mention W7 or W8 not 10.
I am running on a W10 machine.

Use the media creation tool to download Windows.

I have downloaded the file: MediaCreationTool
I cannot run it because I do not know what user name and password to put.
It says AcronisAgent User.

I do not need Acronis so I think I could remove this user. It does not appear in the Configuration.
There is a Microsoft account in the form of an email address.
Putting this in for MediaCreationTool  does not work.
At some point a runtime broker error is shown.

I would be grateful if someone could help me proceed.
MacMini/macOS 10.13.4 fails to start after progress bar runs for more than 8 minutes.

Tried steps 1,4, & 5 from - no help

I have up-to-date Time Machine backup, recent Acronis full backup and iTunes Library all on USB drives. Many data files also on iCloud

What would be my best next steps?
Hi peeps

Is there a way of grabbing the configurations of a Windows 7 machine and then somehow having all of the applications and configurations made to that machine exported into a virtual terminal services server (on 2008R2 or 2012 depending on application compatibility) so that when you log onto that TS server it has the same applications/configs as the Windows 7 machine?

Is the easiest way for me to use something like Acronis to clone the application sections? Or is something like this possible using Vmware products?

I have Vmware Esxi 5.5 running on our infrastructure.

Thanks for helping
I'm running Acronis True Image 2016 on my Win 10 Pro (X64) laptop as my backup solution. Whenever I run a backup, I get one or more "failed to backup file or folder" message which I can ignore or retry (the retry never works so I always ignore). It happens on different files almost every time. This morning, for example, it failed to backup a .PDF. There were probably more that failed but I chose to "ignore all". This can happen the backup runs on a scheduled basis (in which case, the backup simply fails) or it can happen when I run it manually. I'm not sure if it is happening on full backups but do know that it happens on incremental backups.

One of the odd things about this is that I ran two backups this morning. The source folders and files were the same but the destination drives / folders were different. The error popped up on the first run but did not popup on the second.

Any ideas?
Hi all,
Our company Head Quartered in the Middle East is having its   Design office in India.On a daily basis we need to copy around 300 to 400 MB files from India to Middle East. We have physical servers at both locations and the data to be copied resides on local  drive partition at the India server.
We had received lot of suggestions with different technologies like  File sync software- Goodsync , Acronis cloud backup, Microsoft Azure services etc
Please suggest a suitable and cost effective technology to copy this daily data.  Thanks in advance
Binu John
I would like to upgrade a desktop PC to a larger boot drive. It's running a 6th gen core i7 processor. The boot drive is a one (1) tb ssd by Sandisk. Running out of room on the drive, so I purchased a 2 tb Micron drive. How can I transfer the data and programs? It's running under Win 10 pro 64 bit. I did back it up to an Acronis image, Thanks for any and all advice.
Windows 7 pro 32-bit

Since Norton has abandoned Ghost, I switched to Acronis for image backup.  It has a cloud option as well as external disk. On one of my two systems I did a cloud backup, but for the other I keep getting a "file is corrupt" message after a couple of minutes.  So I figure something must be irregular on my hard drive. I did a SCF /verifonly but it found no errors; also a CHKDSK/F which gave a clean report.  Is there another more robust utility that can find and fix disk/file errors?
Is there an easy (or proven) way to basically move a HD to a new computer, keeping everything intact?
Existing computer is getting a little long in the tooth, but of course user doesn't have all disks, etc., to reinstall.
In win7 is there a type of bare metal restore I can run?
I've also heard Acronis has an option to restore a backup to a new computer?
Both are Dells, old one an optiplex 3010 & new one an optiplex 3050, both running 64bit Win7.
We are trying to clone a client's machine that has Quickbooks and Quickbooks Point of Sale 2013. We are cloning from a old 80GB Seagate SATA drive to a NEW Crucial 250GB SSD using Acronis True image. The clone "successfully" finishes and we can boot the system with the SSD. The issue arises when we open MS Office or Quickbooks and it asks for a re-activation. Normally not a problem but  it alarms the customer who would like to do this to another machine that has had the HDD replaced many times (long story). In addition the original 100GB drive also ask for activation and can not find the POS files after the clone is done. This also happens on the SSD, but we believe that it is linked to what is causing the activation issue. Again, this aggravates the customer as we assured that the original drive will be untouched ( and it was ) but can not find any reason for this. we have resolved the POS issue.

My question is: Is there any absolute way that this can be done that not cause re-activation, or makes sure that the drive is a 100% true copy of the original?
After backing up macOS 10.11.3 -  .MOV files will not play. Backup was with Acronis 2018 to local HD.

OS reports "Cannot Play Video" Photos cannot play this video because it uses an unsupported format."

The OS was not restored, only backed up. macOS reported after backup - had to 'Restore' photo library

Other format files (e.g. .mp4) play OK. .MOV files OK on my iPhone iOS 11.2.6

How can I ?? these .MOV files to play?
Exchange 2010 mailbox
I have a user that needs his deleted items recovered
Here is what happened:
1. he exported to a .PST file his whole mailbox
This did not export all of his inbox or sent items but he did not notice, it only exported this months emails
2. he also went into recover "recover Deleted items" in his 2013 Outlook and purged all deleted items

On my Exchange I do not have any Exchange brick level backups, I run Acronis 11.5 and backup the whole drive where Exchange is located
D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server

1. is there a way to recover this mailbox deleted items?
2. Any recommendations on mailbox backup s.w. I have 50 users

Restoring Oracle VM Virtual Box using Acronis True Image.

I recently went on a deleting spree to clean up my hard drive using scripts and fell afoul when I accidentally deleted a 124 GB folder containing all of my Oracle VM Virtual Box machines. A little concerned because the VM's are often active and running when the backups are taken, I fired up Acronis and restored the folder from the last Incremental backup. (Acronis True Image backs up my entire system drive using an incremental backup to the cloud each evening)

The result was perfect - After the restore, my VM's fired up without a problem as though nothing had happened.

This confirms my theory that it's fine to just backup the Host drive that contains the VM's, rather than running a separate backup in each VM. At least in the case of Oracle VM Virtual Box.

Note I've no idea if the result would be the same if using Windows's VM solution, but I thought I'd share the experience if one uses the Oracle VM solution.

Hope you find this account of my experience useful.

Dear Experts,

I have 13 Lenovo SR650 servers.

I tried to run Acronis and of course the hard drive could not be detected.

What type drivers do I need to run on the acronis is it raid drivers or hdd drivers?
I just got in a Samsung EVO 960 and put it in a new Dell Optiplex 3050. I started off trying to restore a Acronis image backup and Acronis did not recognize the EVO 960. Next I tried installing Windows 10 from a DVD and Windows 10 doesn't recognize it either. Is said to go to Samsungs web site and download the drivers but the driver there is not a "F6" driver.

   I think the Dell recognizes it. It see it in the M.2 slot. So what am I missing? Nothing recognizes it.....
I need to install windows update KB940349 on windows server 2003 as acronis backup requires it to avoid snapshot issues.

Before i go ahead and install and risk having a server that won't come back.

Has anyone encountered any problems with KB940349 on windows server 2003 and did it require a restart?



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