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Active Directory (AD) is a Microsoft brand for identity-related capabilities. In the on-premises world, Windows Server AD provides a set of identit...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Fix broken AD on Domain Controller


Have a domain controller that has not been replicating with the other DC for some time.  It appears


Free/Open-Source Self-Service Password Reset tool for Active Directory

The article explains the process to deploy a Self-Service password reset portal I developed a few years ago. Hopefully, it will prove useful to someone. Any comments, bug reports etc. are welcome...

I recently passed my Microsoft 70-346 Exam.  As part of my …

I recently passed my Microsoft 70-346 Exam.  As part of my revision I used Flash Cards that I …

Securing Active Directory Domain Controllers

It is more important than ever to ensure that your domain controllers are as secured as possible. This article walks you through a number of settings and procedures to harden your domain controllers.

Introducing and Migrating to a Windows Server 2019 Domain Controller

As Microsoft comes out with new, updated versions of their server operating system, it becomes necessary to upgrade the domain controllers in your environment. This document will walk through the process of adding a new domain controller, migrating to it, and decommissioning the old one.
Troubleshooting Solution
Troubleshooting Solution

AD failed logins


I am using windows server AD, and I have thousands of failed logons in just 1 day.

One in particular,

Troubleshooting Solution

How to use Powershell data from SQL

This is in regards to question asked here:
Troubleshooting Solution

identifying all permissions of all users in windows AD and on each PC


Is there a way built into windows server or AD to find out what permissions all users have?  I am in


Sysadmin Day was over a week ago, but that doesn't mean we …

Sysadmin Day was over a week ago, but that doesn't mean we stop appreciating them! In case you …
Troubleshooting Solution

active directory, domain controller


Out of 10 DC , 2 DC were offline  because of some firewall issue  they could not communicate with

Troubleshooting Solution

active directory, active directory domain services, vmware, domain controller, windows server 2016


we have an old existing active directory v lab,

i plan to do some simulations with regard to active

Troubleshooting Solution

Ways of remotely telling what network drives are mapped on remote computers

byIT Guy

I have created a group policy to map a certain network drive on users' computers.

However, I have

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server SP2

Network Connectivity issue. I can ping the DC which is the SBS 2003 Server by Name and IP Address …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to we fix our 2-DC AD so it works again?


Our Active Directory environment is running, but also broken.  We have two DCs, which are on the


Domain Controller Migration - intermediate concepts

A companion article that expands upon basic DC migration strategy - as per my earlier article @ https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/35714/How-to-migrate-to-new-Domain-Controllers-a-Step-by-Step-guide.html
Troubleshooting Solution

Utility/process to change local administrator password on Server 2019 Hyper-V VM

byIT Guy

I just restored an old Server 2019 Hyper-V VM.

Now when I power this VM up I am unable to remote


How to migrate to new Domain Controllers - a Step by Step guide

A step by step guide for migrating/upgrading Domain Controllers

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