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Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Systems to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF). The family comprises Acrobat Reader (formerly Adobe Reader), Acrobat (formerly Acrobat Exchange) and The commercial proprietary Acrobat, available for Microsoft Windows and OS X only, can also create, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, export and publish PDF files.

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I have a Word 2017 (Mac) doc that is outputting a PDF that is 362 MB in size. I have about 85 pictures in there which I have not yet compressed. but this only represent about half of the book.

I plan to sell this on download from my website, so the question is, what kinds of expectations are there for file size of the PDF they purchase?

Then, what about needing to support the bandwidth of such a large file? If I sell it, using eBay, for $9.99, I clear about $9.50 per copy. How much money will I spend simply paying AWS:EC2 for the bandwidth of 1/2 Gigabyte download?

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I have an 85 page Word Document with 85 images, and when I convert it to PDF the file size becomes 1.33 GB!

That is totally unacceptable.

I am flummoxed that the file could never be so huge. These image are in the size range of 1MB to 10 MB.

Are there different file formats I could use that convert better?

How do I reduce the resolution to those images? I am hoping for a Word feature that lets me reduce resolution inside Word versus me needing to handle each image outside of Word, which will take the whole day.

I really do not want to upload my Word doc to just to convert it to a PDF.

My Word (for Mac) 2011 fails when I try and use the Print > PDF  Save As feature.

When I use Word (for Mac) 2017 it requires some online conversion, so I abort it.

Do I have any options?

Hi all, I've got a very old .asp web application that prints to pdf.  I developed this app 13 years ago, and we've now come to record number 10,000 and I need to expand the record number field in the pdf to accommodate for the extra digit.  I've managed to find the file 'requisition.pdf' and I can edit it, I've moved things, expanded the field, but I don't see my modifications reflected in the application, when the pdf is created inside the application.  I move things around but everything stays the same in the app.  What am I missing here?  It's been 13 years and I'm struggling to remember how I did this.  

Some code (reqnum is the field in question):

Dim UserID
UserID = rsReqs("UserID")
strsql2 = "SELECT * FROM [User] Where UserID = '" & UserID & "'"
            set rsUser = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
            rsUser.Open strsql2, connDB, 1, 2
Dim User
User = rsUser("FN") & " " & rsUser("LN")
Set FdfAcX = Server.CreateObject("FdfApp.FdfApp")
Set outputFDF = FdfAcX.FDFCreate      
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "ReqNum", rsReqs("ReqNum"), False
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "UID", User, False       
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "DateEntered", rsReqs("DateEntered"), False       
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "DueDate", rsReqs("DueDate"), False
If rsReqs("Vendor2") = "" Then
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "Vendor", rsReqs("Vendor1"), False
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "Vendor", rsReqs("Vendor2"), False
End If

(a lot more code in here)....

If rsReqs("qty19") > "0" then
outputFDF.FDFSetValue "qty19", …
When searching a PDF, why are there some words that are not found when doing a search, and how should I find these word in the PDF?

It's a PDF on 56 pages, and these words that are not found are always between the chapters. Can't I find them also somehow?
I am writing a lengthy book but want to make it easier for readers by breaking it up into

Sub-Chapters sections

Can this be done in a PDF besides by just changing the headings?

I would love to see a panel on the left side which shows a node list of these, somewhat like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Is this possible? If so, does it place limits on which readers can open the file?

I am writing it in Word and will use Adobe Acrobat to export Word to PDF.

I need to print pages from a 1930 radio magazine. I bought the cd from ebay a year ago. I use Adobe Acrobat Extended. It displays print as greyed out and not available. This is not sensitive stuff, but still cannot print. How can I accomplish this? I did get as far as settings and it shows that the cd is password protected from printing. ODD for sure for old information.
I have a form in ms access with a web browser control on it.  When I navigate to a pdf on the hard disk, I want the pdf to display in the form inside the web browser object.  What happens now is that the web browser objects opens Acrobat and opens the pdf in that program.  After opening the pdf in acrobat the web browser objects says Navigation to the webpage was canceled.
Dell Dimension (1500 series). Windows10
I can Search (Find) text in a folder full of Word files.  with PDF files, however I  can do this with individual files (by pressing Ctrl and F key - this brings up a search box).  My question:  Is  it possible  in one search operation to find text in   a group of PDF files ?
I need to:

- add an image
- make changes to that image, like adding markers, lines, notes and labels

But I need to be able to move them and update them in subsequent sessions.

Obviously, the JPG (or other format) would be the format for output, but a Gimp file format must retain these object details in the file itself so they can be saved, then updated.

How do I do this with Gimp for Mac?
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I have vb6 application thru which i am able send report  as PDF document as mail attachment. I want to include password for pdf file. Following is coding. How can i set password for PDF documents.

repSaleRegister  is report generated by crystal report designer in vb6 application.

    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTEMailMAPI
    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.MailToList = adoTR_EMPAYDATRs.Fields!PMEMAIL
    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.MailSubject = "Test Report"
    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.PDFExportAllPages = True
    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
    repSaleRegister.ExportOptions.MailMessage = "Dear  Please find attached report"
    repSaleRegister.Export False

Open in new window

I have a Mac and need a basic image editing tool, bot not as basic as PaintBrush.

I need to ad line and text and various elements, and have the ability to change them later. I find I cannot edit a "flat image file" because I am limited to undo, and can not save the file and edit it later.

Why options do I have? I want a quick learning curve and hope I do not need some expensive tool.

I know for $29/month I can get an online license to Adobe, which totals $360/year! But I may consider that service for a few months IF it has tools I can use.

I want to be able to create a fillable PDF file.  What version of Adobe Acrobat do I need and what does it cost.  I currently have Acrobat Reader DC.  Will that work?

I get emailed a daily report which has tables (rows and columns).

When I select the table, and copy, if I paste it into a .txt doc or even excel, the pasted data by row  is pasted as column.

Does anyone know how to get the table to paste correctly as it originally appear in Acrobat?

The same results happen if I save as .txt, excel, or WORD format.

For instance, the .pdf report shows as:

Title Column 1          Title Column 2          Title Colmun 3          Title Column 4
row1 Column1          row1 column 2          row 1 column 3          row 1 column4
row2 Column1          row2 column 2          row 2 column 3          row 2 column4

Selecting the above and pasting results in:
Title Column 1          
Title Column 2          
Title Colmun 3          
Title Column 4
row1 Column1          
row1 column 2          
row 1 column 3          
row 1 column4
row2 Column1          
row2 column 2          
row 2 column 3          
row 2 column4

It does not matter if I copy paste, copy with formatting, or save as different file format ; The results are the same; tables and not reproduced correctly in other formats.

Does anyone know how to fix?

Thanks in advance!
We use Nuance and or Adobe to combine multiple files.  The question at hand is, can this be done in Outlook versus saving each attachment and then combining them into a separate pdf.  We would like to combine them within the original email and keep all of the metadata within the original email.  Has anyone done this before?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

      One of my customers have reported a problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc closes after 1 second. I have tried to resolve this by uninstalling it, running the cleanup tool and going into program files, program data and appdata to remove every last file that could possibly be to do with Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc. I have also installed the latest version.

I noticed online people mentioning running a "eula.exe" in the program files, but this does not seem to exist and as far as I can tell it only applies to Reader not the full blown paid for version.

I have hit a brick wall with it, any help would be greatly appreciated. The machine it is running on is win 10 pro.

Thank you In advance
Hi Gents

I wonder if someone can guide me on where I can find a tool that can resize easily a PDF file originally in Letter format to convert it inot A4 format. Knowing that this is an online form that need to be filled online and sounds like there is a security lock on it.
BTW, I tried the print to PDF with A4 output format but doesn't work

Any help

Is there a way to export/extract all the values/items from a drop-down field in a PDF?

I have a PDF form, and it contains a few drop-down boxes that I can select.  I want to be able to export/extract all the values contained inside this drop-down.  Is that possible?
Please provide me with the URL address to download Acrobat 8 Standard.
Free Tool: Path Explorer
Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Good morning

This is a x-post from the Acrobat forums, but I am bringing the issue here to also get some more ideas: 

User is combining Office documents by selecting them in Windows Explorer, right clicking, and selecting Combine Files in Acrobat. When they start the combining, after a few documents (sometimes 1 or 2, but other times 5 or 6) one of the documents will get stuck at "Converting..." and Acrobat will hang. If you kill Acrobat, I also need to kill winword.exe from Task Manager as that is locked up as well.

  • Office 365 Pro Plus 1704 (8067.2115 Click to Run)
  • Adobe Acrobat DC (2015.006.30306)
  • Windows 10 Creator's Update 1703 (150623.296)

Troubleshooting Done So Far
  • Reinstall Acrobat
  • Reinstall Office 2016 - 365
  • Update to the latest version of Acrobat and Office
  • Disable and re-enable the Acrobat Add-in
  • Test files locally and on the network
  • Test other PDF Creation tool - this works. We've tested the combine with PDF X-Change Pro

Thanks for the help!
I have installed Adobe Reader and configured as a default PDF program but every time I've open a PDF file, it changes Microsoft Edge the default PDF program; I have changed this more than 20 time. How can I get to set Adobe Reader definitely  as a default program?
I have to wonder about some of these companies.... I just got a PDF job application yet they did not send it as an editable document with fields. What a waste. A 10-page document that they want printed and hand filled. Is there a program that will scan it and convert it to an editable document with fields?
When I attach a pdf file in outlook as an attachment, the file is attached correctly but the icon changes to IE.  On the desktop it shows as Adobe icon.  I have checked my default app for pdf files for adobe acrobat however, the file still shows with an IE icon when attached to an email in outlook (changes from Adobe to IE).  How do I correct this so the file does not keep changing the icon appearance?
At my work we would like to transfer some

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • into Adobe Acrobat Forms

.. so we can easily fill in the required fields by tabbing around the form.  We have purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro; but, we do not know how to use the program to convert a Word Document into a fill-able form.

Adobe offers some web tutorials:  but this uses a wizard and the wizard did not identify all of the required fields.

My question is:  How can we convert or create a fill-able form in Adobe Acrobat Pro.?
How can I use Access VBA Code to "Disable Protected Mode" in a PDF and Excel Files (ie via Registry, etc.)?


Adobe Acrobat




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Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Systems to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in Portable Document Format (PDF). The family comprises Acrobat Reader (formerly Adobe Reader), Acrobat (formerly Acrobat Exchange) and The commercial proprietary Acrobat, available for Microsoft Windows and OS X only, can also create, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, export and publish PDF files.