Adobe Creative Suite CS

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Each edition consists several Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro or After Effects. Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are the industry standard applications for many graphic design positions. CS6 is the last version of the Creative Suite; future versions of their creative software would only be available via their Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.

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Adobe Photoshop CS6
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I want to have a duplicate Lightroom setup on two computers in two different cities.
Macs at both ends.  High Sierra OS
Photos are divided into folders, based on the date of import
My base of operations is in New York City, and I have to spend some time away in Massachusetts
Lightroom has over 300,000 pictures, and the catalog is over 4.39 GB
I need my assistant to sync and review my collection, delete photos and add keywords, etc.
After the assistant does their changes, I will need the
In preparation, I did the following copying:
I duplicated all the LR files onto a removable drive  (CRU RTX)
I took the drive with me to the second city
I set up a VPN between the two locations.
NYC has a fast FIOS connection:  greater than 300 Mbps both download and upload.  Sometimes Speedtest will show >600 for each
MA has a cable connection - about 60Mbps Download and 20Mbps Upload
I connect from NYC to MA
Tunnelblick on NYC computer
Araknis Router in MA has OpenVPN
First Method of sync:
Mac File Sharing
"Beyond Compare" application to update from one direction to another
Too slow to compare files over a VPN
Connection would drop - I assume from the 'stress' of comparing too many files
Second Method of sync:
"Retrospect" application - Server in NYC, Client in MA.
The Client works locally on the MA computer to catalog changes,
Server in NYC compares MA catalog of files to NYC local catalog
Retrospect copies new and changed files
Rather than …
Hi guys

I am currently looking into providing a solution for my Photography studio teams and the retouchers who work with them. We have Adobe Creative Suite running on most of the machines here. The photographers churn out photos onto our fileservers constantly and it eats up the space. The fileservers are all saving files on our SAN. These photographs then get worked on by our retouching teams which then go from what they were in size to multiplying because of all of their layers etc.

They all are running on High Sierra. They are saving files on a Windows 2003 server and a Windows 2012 server. The bandwidth we have at our head office is a dedicated 200MB link with the capability to increase.

Based on the fact that we have Adobe Creative Suite, is there a way of having a centralised location which these guys can work on in the cloud? If not, then is Adobe Lightroom a suitable option?

The only thing I'm wondering is whether working on local servers will always be far quicker than any cloud based systems due to the fact that transfers are all gigabit on the LAN and that the cloud cant match that at the moment?

Any help would be great as I am looking into implementing a decent solution.

Thanks for helping
Using Premiere Pro (Mac) to isolate an audio sound

Using Audacity, I simply select the region about a sound wave and click Play. This tells me if I captured the entire sound. If it is an errant sound, the great thing about audio and no other sound is playing, you can usually delete that.

With video, it's a different story.

I have a dozen clicks to remove from my video. Each was made by my clicker as I advanced the PowerPoint I was using as a teleprompter.

So, I need to isolate the sound and over-write with white noise.

I can easily set a marker BEFORE the sound. I need to see how long the sound is and isolate the entire click.


Premiers Pro: Clearing the cut Lines.

I am not sure how so many of these lines made it into my clips. I need to remove them.


Cut Lines
I had this question after viewing Flash book - how to download / Print / convert to PDF.

I need to download this online flash book.How can I download it to offline?
Does MP4 have a default image option?

I have seen YouTube lets you pick the default image to display on the image, and I wonder if the MP$ format has an option also where I can set the default image to show?

Sometimes, the first image is not the right image to show...

PhotoShop CC: need to put a black frame around a photograph

I see how to drop images, create new layers and use the Rectangular Marque Tool, but can not see to get the square around the picture.

I place the picture and draw the square. Fine.

When I then try and fill, Fill... is not active.

I can not draw the frame without the picture there to frame.

What am I missing?

PhotoShop: using Lasso tool and need an invisible background to paste onto

I need to use Lasso to grab an image and paste it onto an invisible background


Premiere Pro to adjust volumes on different audio tracks

I have a voice track and a music track and need to adjust the volume of each independently.

I see how to add a Constant Gain and an Exponential Fade, but these are transitions.

How do I set either or both differently for each audio track?

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Premiere Pro: Export to MP4

in a prior post, I was advised to consider: MPEG-4

I tried this but find the video resolution is terrible.

How do I make Premiere Pro EXPORT to an MP4 file?

What am I missing??
Premiere Pro: What Video Export Format for Wide Usage

I plan to sell this video on ClickTunnels and need a file format that is appropriate.

The default is QuickTime, but there are dozens of options.


Premiere Pro: Cutting the last frame is a bear

I am getting handy with this Razor Tool, although I hate it.

For example, how do I clear all existing Razor tool markings?

And it is IMPOSSIBLE to click exactly on the final frame, so my video flashes an unsightly image of Mac Finder, since I can not delete that frame.

How can I do this with Premiere?

Premiere Pro: How do I read these units?

I see the units are a function of the distance between the two dots at the bottom of the video. Hats off to the programmers who needed to deal with this.

But, I have no idea how to use the following as a guid to later find this spot.

Also, Is there a way to bookmark this spot to make it easy to find next time?

Premiere Pro: Need to cut the leading audio from an MP4

I have created the project and see the exact spot where I want to delete the audio from that point, leftward to the start of the video.

How do I do this?

I assume it involves the Razor Tool and some option in the context menu. I see various audio options, but am not sure what clears the sound. Must I create a file that has silence?

I have a number of user accounts on Win 7 Pro which access Adobe Audition CS6 in a broadcast studio.  Audition was set up to use the machine specific xml settings file located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Audition\5.0 to avoid users messing with the hardware settings and affecting other users.

Over time this file seems to have been overwritten with the wrong settings resulting in the sound card outputs being changed and the user not being able to get an output from the pc unless the settings are changed manually.

Can someone advise how to resave the xml file with the correct settings.  Is it sufficient just to rename the xml file to stop Audition loading it, and will Audition then save a new one with the correct data if I have ticked the "Use Machine Specific Settings" box?

I  do most of the studio pc management over a vpn as the studio is 12 miles away, and don't want to have to travel in just because I've dropped off and stopped Audition working!

I don't use CC products at all.


Need to use Premier Pro (Advanced) to Record Desktop

I am a beginner, but am downloading the Advanced version. Is that a bad idea?

I will need create a video of my desktop, with audio, then edit it.

What are my first steps to record the desktop and create an MP4?

  • Photoshop CC
  • Macbook

Whenever I save my file on Photoshop CC, my artboard turns upside down. I use a Macbook which is hooked up to two other monitors and this seems to happen when I disconnect it from the monitors (when I need to work elsewhere), then reconnect it to the monitors (when I'm back at my desk). I presume it's some resolution issue. The issue happens when my Macbook is reconnected to my two monitors. When I use my Macbook on its own, it doesn't happen.

What fixes it is minimizing and expanding the Photoshop program but the fix is temporary and the next time I save the file, it turns upside down again. A better fix is restarting Photoshop altogether, but the next time I disconnect/reconnect my Macbook to the monitors, it happens again.
I tried doing an animation of an image in Premier Pro to put on Facebook - I did it the exact dimension Facebook said, but when I tried to upload it, it got rejected because the aspect ratio was wrong (it needed to be between 1:1 and 2:1 apparently). I googled about this and it seems you need to set up a sequence and set the pixel aspect ratio but when I did the 2:1 setting the video had black borders. How do I create a Facebook video (from an image) in Premier Pro? What settings do I use? Note there only seems to be a fixed set of aspect ratios to choose from and most of them were not between 1:1 and 2:1.
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A user I support needs to know how she can expand the "Edit Text" fields within an Adobe Acrobat XI Pro document she is modifying.

For example, when the "Edit Text and Images" option is selected within Acrobat PDF documents Acrobat automatically defines the borders for the text and images. When these borders are clicked on and dragged (in an attempt to expand them) the entire block of text is moved.

How can these borders be expanded to larger sizes (or simply deleted) without affecting the text and images contained within the block?

The user needs to be able to type text that will extend beyond these predefined borders.

How to change the overall Photoshop CS4 appearance ? I want to make the screen and font larger than the current setting.

How do i create an image with a "clear" background.  I'm trying to create a business card with a logo in the right hand corner.  I have what I want for the logo but there is a white background.  I've attached a screen print of what the card looks at  present.  You can see the the "CBS" logo has a white background.  Any ideas how to make it "clear"?
I've created two opacity masks with Premier Pro CC2017 and defined their shape with the pen tool.  But they seem to be "grouped" because changing the position in Effect Controls moves them together.  I need to put one mask one place and the other mask another place.  Is there any way to do that?

Hello Experts,

At our business, we use both Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Creative Cloud (CC).  Due to the nature of the work, we would like to permit the CC users to continue to save and  share work to the Adobe Cloud.  We would like to block saving and sharing to the Adobe Cloud for the Acrobat DC users because we want them to use MS OneDrive.

We can do this if we purchase the higher priced licensing but we are trying to avoid that.
The firewall is not an option because if off-site users do not log in using the VPN, the firewall rules are bypassed.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you,
Steph M
In our organisation (600 people) the intranet site is maintained since 2008 with Adobe Contribute on an internal server.

Adobe stopped supporting Contribute.
And now we are looking for a replacement - in fact a similar HTML Editor.

We are aware that Adobe Dreamweaver is the recommended replacement.

But, for the day to day updates of our Intranet, we want our internal authorised users to make changes to the content and add new files in a well contained framework as was offered by Contribute without all the features of Dreamweaver.

I would appreciate your suggestions and experiences….

Adobe Creative Suite CS

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Each edition consists several Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro or After Effects. Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are the industry standard applications for many graphic design positions. CS6 is the last version of the Creative Suite; future versions of their creative software would only be available via their Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.