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Adobe Creative Suite CS

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Each edition consists several Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro or After Effects. Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are the industry standard applications for many graphic design positions. CS6 is the last version of the Creative Suite; future versions of their creative software would only be available via their Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.

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I have Word for the Mac and it has a font I would like to use in Adobe Photoshop for the Mac. However, the font is not in the Mac's Font Book and all the alternative versions on the web are not quite the same as the one embedded in Word.

How do I either export from the Windows compatible folder or use somehow the Edwardian Script font on the Mac? Any help appreciated.

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I need some help on how to create a banner with separate colors and how to take a shape and put it in the image.

Sorry for the way of asking this question.

What I need is in the screenshot to explain it better
I am trying to achieve this effect:

Target effect I am looking for
and this is me, my photo:

my raw photo
I asked a friend to show me how, and he made me this short tutorial video using Perfect Effects Plugin:


but I don't have that plug-in.

Can someone point me in the right direction to achieve a similar look on my photo?

Thank you in advance!

I need to draw straight lines with arrows onto an existing graph image.

see attached


So, I need to draw a line, but use arrowheads mid-line using PhotoShop..
I need my website to extract the data from a PDF and generate a CSV file. And I hope to do this on the front end, inside the client browser. But, if required, I could to this extraction on the back-end.

The PDF would be a month merchant credit card statement. The data I would extract to a CSV would be the numerous transactions.

What web technology can do this? And without human intervention.

I hope to allow merchants to upload a merchant statement for a particular type of analysis. But I do not want to be the recipient of confidential data, when possible.

Is there an easy way for people to blank out certain fields on a PDF? Things like Business Name, Address, Account Number, etc.

I can do this easily Adobe Acrobat Pro, but would rather not force users to purchase a license just to remove their private info. Is there a simple way, with Adobe Reader, for example, to edit out certain key data?

If not, are there other tools they could use to open the PDF and delete certain fields?

Is it unwise for my site to suggest they use a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro and provide them the URL to this free trial?

I recently got on ancestry.com and traced back my ancestors for several generations. In the process several old photos of photos showed up, some very blurry pictures of 1840's photo technology. I can barely see my GGGG Grandmother and do not see much other than shadows. A few others are clearer but could use cleaning up. I have heard of photoshop, it is really worth it and can I do old photo restores from it? how about colorizing? can B&W photos be converted to color?
A user I support has pictures he would like to have an expert airbrush or improve using Photoshop.

What are some good businesses or individuals who will do this?
I know that Adobe has traditionally not supported directly editing Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator files off a file server over an Ethernet LAN. Is this still the case?

Anyone doing this with Mac clients on a Windows Server without using Acronis Access Connect?
Hi, I use Adobe Creative Cloud 2018, so I have access to both After Effects and Premiere Pro. My question is that I would like to cut a small 20 second clip out of a much longer video. Much like cropping a photo, but I don't want to keep the drop-offs.

So, say I have a 3 minute long video and I want to make a shorter video that is 20 second long, located right in the middle of the longer video. - Is there a way in AE or PPro to shorten that video to my 20 second clip requirements.

Lets say my starting point is a 1:13:00 and it extends to 1:33:00 -- (20 seconds).  

I know I can shorten the working area, but the clip itself isn't really shortened. It remains the same size as the original. - I want to resize it into a new video - 20 second long.

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I had this question after viewing copy paste text of pdf.

Thank you. Document is "secured" so I see "look up" words that I select but I can not copy and paste.

Because I can see a repeat of the words I highlight (in the menu above); I think it is not ocr.
Using adobe reader for windows I dont know how to copy paste text of a pdf
The user, a professional art photographer,  wants to get an iMac Pro.  

They have a large Lightroom catalog of photos that they work on - over 150,000 photos.  They do all their adjustments in Lightroom
, and don't use Photoshop (although they may want to in the future)  Lightroom needs to display several hundred previews that can be scrolled at a time, and they would like the previews to scroll quickly.

So - although they are looking for fast display of multiple images, they are not doing any video editing, 3D rendering, or VR.

They already have a 2.5 year old iMac with i7, 16 GB of RAM, and the video circuitry with (I don't recall) maybe 2 GB of VRAM

I was going to recommend an iMac Pro bumped to 64GB RAM, and the Radeon Pro Vega with 64 of VRAM.

I am not sure if increasing the configuration to 10-core Zeon will make a significant difference with Lightroom or Photoshop in the future.

Any advice on the most satisfying configuration for the iMac Pro?

ASUS H81T motherboard
Intel HD4600 onboard card
Win7 x64

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 works fine with any VGA driver version but upgrading to Photoshop CC 2018 (there are endless required updates to the Adobe CC suite) Photoshop crashes with a ‘Driver or Display hardware error’ and prompts it will turn off using the Graphics Processor, this limits Photoshop’s functionality some of which are required for our Photography courses.

I have tried with the latest Intel driver – version (this installs but goes to a black screen which requires a hard power off, maybe this is a different issue….) but no change.

I don’t know what to do really, we can’t not upgrade Photoshop, the HD4600 graphics card is not ‘officially’ supported by Adobe anymore and we definitely can’t replace with 3rd party cards on 100+ computers whenever there is an upgrade.

Any ideas would be really useful. I have tested several different computers from fresh install. The computers are only a couple of years old.
I have just "published" my book on IngramSpark. I am the publisher, but use IngramSpark as a print-on-demand service and to distribute the book.

They also offer ebook publishing, but I think I need to make that ebook.

Please give me an idea what options I have? What the effort is for each option? What feature my ebook would gain with various methods?

I have a finished book in Word for Mac, with the page set to 8.5" X 5.5". But when I open the PDF, the file size become 8.5" X 11"

Can I use Adobe Acrobat Pro to change this?

Or is there an incorrect setting on Word?

Lastly, is it a setting in my Mac OS?

My Mac version (2018) of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

has different "PDF Fixup" options than the ones described on this link.


My window looks thusly:

Their "PDF Fixup"

but theirs looks like this:

My Mac Adobe "PDF Fixup"
I have an Adobe Illustrator folder that contains the .ai file, PDF and other formats.

I need to upload a PDF book cover to a website to print copies of the book. But I get this error:

FONTS NOT EMBEDDED IN THE PDF: We require that all fonts be embedded. Please submit a new file with all fonts embedded. You may refer to the File Creation Guide for further instructions on creating a compliant PDF.

I have Adobe Actobat Pro on my machine, and presume I can add the 7 fonts contained in the Fonts folder to the PDF.

How do I do this?

I have been using Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop for over a year, all of a sudden I am getting scratch Disk Errors on everything I try and do.. "Scratch Disk are Full" .. I only have one drive and it has 77gb free.. Its almost acting like it doesn't know that disk space is free.. Any ideas?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

What did adobe do previously. Flash was very popular. Is it gone?

What does adobe do now?

I am asking to see why/not I should invest in adobe.

in adobe reader i downloaded and reading pdf of 200 page. I do not see right hand side end scroller which i used to see earlier?

how to see or enable scroller so that i can go from page 1 to say page 54 quickly by scanning pages rather than clicking page down button 54 times
please advise
Hi, I currently use Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.0.3. I've been looking at upgrading to the Creative Cloud software for a while now, but paying $550 every year (forever) is not an attractive option, given I had already paid nearly $2000 for the full CS5  version, which still works for most of what I do.

That said, I am still contemplating the switch, but I have a few questions, which will help me with my decision. - If anyone can help me understand how the "cloud" version works in terms of my questions, I would really appreciate your help!

My Questions:

1. How is the software accessed on my computer? In other words, are all 20 applications downloaded to my computer and I can use them off-line, OR do I have to be on-line to use them in some remote access type of connection?

2). What happens after the 12 month paid period is over if I don't like the cloud option? Does Adobe block my use of the applications on my device? Or, will I still have access to the applications on the device, and to my work after the initial 12 month period?

3). Do I need Internet access to use the applications, or can I travel with my laptop to a location where I DO NOT have Internet access and still work with the Creative Cloud Suite?

4). For those of you that have used CS5 and the new CC version, do you see a significant difference, or is it about the same power and capabilities?

5). Is there any way to purchase the new version of Creative Suite without using a "cloud" membership? …
Adobe Illustrator CC2017
Dual monitor system - MacBook Pro and HDMI Monitor

The tool Palette is stuck.  I can't move it to get access to the tools I need to use.  How do I get access to it?  
In the screen shot below the tools can be seen hidden under the main menu bar of the computer.

Menu-from-Adobe-Illustrator.pngMac OS X 10.12.6
I used the PhotoShop slice tool to make 40 images from the 8X5 matrix, out of one image. I will use these images, side by side, and display them as puzzle pieces making up the one large image.

PhotoShop create GIF files. Why did it create GIF's?

I have made a few animated GIF's and understand that multiple image can fit into on GIF.

Curious why PhotoShop made this a GIF.

Hi, I'm using After Effects CS5. -- I would like to preview what an actual font looks like, rather than having to select each font and previewing each one by one.

I was able to find a plug-in solution called FontList Plus, which sells for $29.99, but before I buy it, I was wondering if there was a free solution (preferably from Adobe) to preview AE CS5 fonts? Even a printed font list could work, although a "built in preview" feature would be very nice.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Adobe Creative Suite CS

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems. Each edition consists several Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro or After Effects. Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are the industry standard applications for many graphic design positions. CS6 is the last version of the Creative Suite; future versions of their creative software would only be available via their Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.