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Agile software development is a set of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-o...

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Senior technical systems architect/ analyst and developer/mentor with over 30 years’ experience (20+ years in Canada)

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How have you used KPIs on your agile projects


Hi experts,

I'm curious how the agile teams you have been apart of implemented and used KPIs (Key


Create a Virtual SWOT using Google Drawings

You can provide a virtual interface for remote stakeholders in a SWOT analysis through a Google Drawing template. By making real time viewing and collaboration possible, your team can build a stronger product.

Too much UX Research is bad. Lean UX focuses on constant …

Too much UX Research is bad. Lean UX focuses on constant user feedback and improvement rather
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Most popular software project management tools for Agile scrum



In software development which are the best or most popular project management tools or apps? I am

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VBA to group sheet tabs and hide and unhide


I have a spreadsheet with many tabs.  I would like to be able to have certain sheet tabs…
Backyard Hair Cut

How the Agile Scrum Framework Helped Me Manage My Yard Work

It was Monday morning and while heading to work those familiar feelings of frustration began to …

Development and QA teams coordination

Today we will look at a very common issue that most teams face during the development and testing cycle. We will look at this issue with the Agile development model in practice and then look at certain steps that can be taken to avoid this issue. This issue is the proper coordination between teams

Why product designers are the new politicians?

Technology teams care about budget, time limits and iterative production, that’s why product designers should be politicians and act fare.
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software product vs solution and services


Dear Experts

The companies that are into implementing business applications like CRM, BI and etc


How to solve the redundant code issue

It has been seen that turn over in the IT sector is very high. Teams are constantly changing and members moving around between teams and applications. This leads to some very common problems. Let us take a look at some of these issues and how these can be solved.
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Anyone still using UML?

I am currently studying software development at a university part-time. I also have to learn UML …

The Agile Umbrella: What development method is right for you?

Agile and Scrum have almost become synonymous. Have you wondered what's the difference? Scrum is just one way to be Agile. It is the most popular which leads to the common confusion. Agile actually refers to a philosophy shared by group of development methods, each offering a unique approach.
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Agile and Sprint with Multiple Developers on Same Artifact


I have a question that hopefully somebody can clarify.

Take a situation an Agile type …
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What is the most popular java frameworks currently being used for agile web development (i.e spring,…
Comunicación con notas

How do we empathize with our users as a team?

"In order to have an organized way for empathy mapping, we rely on a psychological model and trying to model it in a simple way, so we will split the board to three section for each persona and a scenario and try to see what those personas would Do, Think and Feel, when they are in that scenario."

Q&A with Senior Frontend Developer Brandon Lyon

Ready to kick start your career in 2018? Add app developer skills to your resume. January’s Course of the Month features Android App Development training with hands-on learning. Read on to learn why these skills are important.
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What procedure do you follow as a developer for testing and reducing mistakes?

hi guys,

We have an online platform that we launched. From time to time, our developer writes  …
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Reversibility in software development

Dear Experts

In software development what does reversibility means, if we have to develop …

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