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An algorithm is a self-contained step-by-step set of operations to be performed. Algorithms exist that perform calculation, data processing, and au...

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groupSum challege


I am working on below challenge


Recursion-2 > 

A Guide to Approximate String Matching

Okay. So what exactly is the problem here?

How often have we come across situations where …

If you're interested in block chains (as used in bit coin …

If you're interested in block chains (as used in bit coin and now for many other purposes) I found …

I've been really interested in recommendation systems lately…

I've been really interested in recommendation systems lately which has lead my down a few rabbit …
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improved external merge sort

I just learned about using buffer space to improve external merge sort, I don't quite understand the…
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enchancement of 2,3 tree

I am about to start to code an 2,5 tree or you would say 2,3,4,5 tree.. really confused where to …
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bucket sort

is the bucket sort algorithm in place? why?
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(Excel) speed-up a loop using dichotomic logic

I need a DEFECTS-FREE function that returns the last filled (with a value) row and column in an …
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Prime number eval algo.

int i, j; for(i=2; i<100; i++) { for(j=2; j <= (i/j); j++){ …
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Solve system of nonlinear equations with 5 variables

What is the best and easiest approach, method, software to solve a system like the one below?

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implementation of a tries?

can anyone here help me to find an implementation of a tries in C? if possible the .h and .c file.. …

It's Time to Rethink the Algorithm

When there is a disconnect between the intentions of their creator and the recipient, when algorithms go awry, they can have disastrous consequences.

Introduction to Computer Science

Today, we will look at some of the main topics that are covered as part of the “Introduction to Computer Science” courses at many universities and online trainings. I list these topics here with brief introductions for anyone interested to start their journey into learning about the Computer Science
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MS Access Customer Order Pickers Picking List Auto Choose Locations

This might be a VERY broad question but will aid me in the right direction. After a customer orders …
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Optimisation problem

I have here what I think is a classical O.R. (operations research) problem. I'm looking to formulate…
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Associate lists of names with list of phone numbers from text messages


There are 40 members in a group I belong to. I get group event text messages with either 4,6,8, or

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making it faster and faster? how?

So I am asked to do a simple task.. I have two file which contains a list of words.. the list of …
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Algorithm to sort numbers into equal groups

I have a process where we are manually trying to sort containers of varying weights into 4 bins of …
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How to compare 2 large sets of id numbers in Java?

I have 2 files containing around 1 million id numbers each (string data type). I want to work …

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