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Various techniques are used to prevent email spam (unsolicited bulk email). No technique is a complete solution to the spam problem, and each has t...

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Spam: My Check is Ready... how do I block it?

Messages like the one attached below are getting through my Postini spam filter and my junk mail. …

Scamming the Scammers: Turning the tables

An introduction to the wonderful sport of Scam Baiting. Learn how to help fight scammers by beating them at their own game. This great pass time helps the world, while providing an endless source of entertainment. Enjoy!
Troubleshooting Solution

Email spoof cost client $68,000

SO, give me some feedback, as I'm not looking for a solution for stupid people.  :)

A client of ours …
Troubleshooting Solution

when i am sending mail to gmail or yahoo it goes in spam folder. What could be the reason? I am using sendmail.

when i am sending mail to gmail or yahoo it goes in spam folder. What could be the reason? I am …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to configure Razor with spamassassin and MailScanner

Dear Sir/Madam:
I have a mailserver running successfully with postfix , MailScanner and …

Stopping Backdoor Spam On Microsoft M365

As organizations move from an on premises Exchange environment SaaS based M365. There are configurations that may allow email to slip in passed typical email filtering systems. This is all based on the configuration and described in this article, along with the solution.
Troubleshooting Solution

Please help me get rid of these Pop-ups on chrome

Please see attached. It opens ads, and it also adds links, which when you have, lead to other ads. I…
Troubleshooting Solution

How to protect contact forms from Spam?



we see lot of SPAM attacks on our customer Website contact forms in the last few weeks. We protect

Troubleshooting Solution

decrypt the attached file

HI experts...

I've been struggling to open the attached file... can any here decode it?

Troubleshooting Solution

Workplace gets a lot of Phishing emails.  Is it safe to open the email?

Im desktop support here and we get a lot of phishing emails during a week.  Sometimes Im asked to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Email sent from domain 2 to domain 1 are never received

Hi Friends,

I am having a very weird scenario in my environment. I have an exchange server 2010 …
Troubleshooting Solution

free antivirus


Any good free anti virus software that i can download and install on my window 10 laptop?
Troubleshooting Solution

Ubuntu as spam filter for Exchange

Looking for a low cost spam filter in an exchange server.  I was wondering if I could use a Ubuntu …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need spam filter for Rackspace exchange personal email account

I Need spam filter for Rackspace exchange personal email account.  Rackspace's filters are not …
Troubleshooting Solution

Email server keeps on getting put on blacklist

I have an internal Exchange server that keeps getting put on a blacklist. I have checked and …
Troubleshooting Solution

NDR messages

I am having a problem sending emails to spss.net.au addresses. the NDR says:

Could not be …
Troubleshooting Solution

Fine Tuning Symantec Mail Security for MS Exchange


I just recently upgrade to SMSME 6.5.7 and I lost most of my old settings. Now we are …

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