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All of Apple's hardware is produced solely by Apple Inc., who determines internal systems, designs, and prices. Apple buys certain components wholesale from third-party manufacturers. The current Mac product family uses Intel x86-64 processors. All Mac models ship with at least 1 GB RAM as standard. Current Mac computers use ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce graphics cards and include a dual-function DVD and CD burner, called the SuperDrive. Current Apple hardware includes the iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook, iPod and Apple TV. Discontinued hardware includes the Apple I, Apple II, and the Apple III, the Lisa, the Newton, the Quadra, Performa, Centris, Macintosh II and LC series, the Power Macintosh, iBooks and the MacBook.

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I would like to find a way where I can screen share from MacBook to 22x iMacs.
We are running a medical imaging course and it would be beneficial for the delegates to see the slides and content that is being shown by the presenter on a MacBook on the podium up close on the iMacs which each delegate will have in front of them. They will be using software on them later in the day.

I know I could use the native OSX screen sharing software but I wonder if it has limitations when trying to share to 22x iMacs simultaneously?

I presume to maintain performance that an ethernet/switch setup is best rather than attempting a Wi-Fi router.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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iOS 12 released today. Anybody running it yet? I'll be installing on my kids device later tonight and setting up the Screen Time features that came out.

my iMac intel Model A1311 has its hard drive corrupted and wont boot up now. i managed to recover the contents on the faulty drive. however i would like to reinstall the OSX back onto a new hard drive which i have. please can someone guide me on how i can dowload and reinstall the os for my iMac intel onto the new hard drive?
There's a miscomm between the merchant who sent me an iPad
model Md513ll/A but I was expecting an iPad Mini 4:

I'm considering keeping it but will need to clarify the specs:

a) is Md513ll/A's front & back cameras resolution 1.2Mpixel & 8Mpixel
    or what is its pixels?

b) is Md513ll/A still being sold by Apple?

c) does Md513ll/A support latest IOS (as of Aug 2018) ?

d) is Md513ll/A  running 64bit or 32bit processor?

e) is the screen of Md513ll/A  a retina ?
I'm looking for a product that is the combination of the following 2 items:

ie an adapter that could connect to iPhone/iPad's Lightning port or Android's microUSB
& can output to TV HDMI as well.

Can point me to an eBay/Alibaba/Amazon link that has photo & selling that item?
Mirror Apple TV on iPad Pro to view MLB-TV

MLB-TV with iPad Pro (iOS 11.4.1) consistently loses WiFi connection with LAN (44.7 mbs / possible 50) iPad rebooting necessary.

Is it possible to mirror Apple TV (MLB-TV OK here) with iPad Pro/Control Panel to view MLB-TV on iPad? Other folks will be watching TV on cable or Netflix/Amazon Prime. This is the reverse of screen mirroring (see Control Panel) as in viewing iDevice on Apple TV.

If so, are there special settings etc.?
I'm choosing between a used iPad Mini 3 vs Mini 4:

The difference in price between both from a refurbished dealer is US$20
(for 16GB, both with Wifi : guess they don't have cellular built in).

Is it worth the US$20 to go for Mini 4?  I heard Mini 4 can go for a later
versions of IOS (security patches & bugs), is this crucial?
Client's iPhone 8 was lost Friday night.  Soon after it was lost they got their iPad and put the iPhone in Lost Mode.  A few hours later, they found the iPhone.  It suffered major damage to the screen.  The screen is black and doesn't appear to be responsive to touch.  It was still online when Lost Mode was disabled on the iPad later that night.  Client upgraded their storage space from 50gbs iCloud (photos hadn't been backed up since June 4th, 2018 because there was no more iCloud storage space) to 200gb iCloud in the hopes that the phone would somehow connect to wifi and the photos would upload to the cloud.

Two days later the iPhone was connected to the client's macbook.  The device was recognized, but iTunes couldn't do anything else because it was still in lost mode.  I went on the iPad and tried to disable lost mode, but the program acted like it never put it in lost mode.  The iPhone was shown as offline now in Find My iPhone app.

I tried iMyFone software to see if I could recover the photos.  It won't get passed the step asking to trust the computer because the screen is unresponsive and the client's thumb on the home button isn't doing anything either.  iMyFone won't work.

The iPhone still makes noises when its connected to a computer and the home button still buzzes when pressed.  It appears to have battery life just fine.  I've tried restarting and hard reset, but doesn't appear nothing happens.

We are trying to recover the photos on the device.  Is …
I have a Mac book pro which was running on old version - 10.9.7 with Windows running on boot camp. I am not familar with MAC side and always used windows only on this mac.

Recently, due to some issues on my iphone, had to take my phone and mac to apple store which ended up doing a big update on my mac i believe to version 10.13.7 and helped with my iphone restoral which was successfull.

I came home and logged in to windows and noticed that one of the partition on my windows side disappeared i.e Z drive. I originally had C drive and Z drive. I am not really concerned about the data on my Z drive as i do have it backed up but I am curious what happened to it ?  I checked disk management on windows and there is no partition.

I logged into mac side and could only see two drives BootCamp drive ( c drive of windows ) and the Mcintosh HD drive. It is as if my Z drive partition completely disappeared.

Two questions at this point:

1. Any idea what could have happened to my Z drive ? How can this just disappear ?  Is there something simple I am missing.

2.  Inorder to get Z drive back, I started process of Partitioning my Macintosh drive ( Currently 400 GB into 150 GB for Macintosh drive and 250 for new created Z drive )
     Its currently running the process and applying changes to the harddrive.

It is now stuck on this checking object map for about 3 hours now and I am concerned is it even doing anything ?  Mouse cursor is …
I have an early 2008 Mac Pro tower (upgraded Ram & Video) using El Capitain plus a Bootcamp 6.01 Win7 installation on a Separate internal HDD.

I want to install a new Win7 partition on my Mac OS HDD (250 GB of free space) while maintaining my existing Win7 installation on its separate drive.

Thus, I will end up with 2 BootCamp Win7 partitions, one new and the other old and worn out.

My purpose is to create a Fresh Win7 installation to which I will gradually copy and reinstall 10 years of Docs & Applications from my existing over-taxed Win7.

Where do I begin?  I assume I need to create a new Bootcamp partition on my Mac OS HDD, currently a single partition.

Just not sure of the best way to go about that without screwing up either my Mac OS or existing Win7 installation and data!


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I want to buy or upgrade a 21.5" IMAC (2017) Hard Drive with Internal SSD hard drive.
My main question here is about "BLADE" vs "SATA" connection, but I am also confused!
Does anyone know of any issues or performance differences between these options:
Option #1 Buy Apple 2TB SSD, "BLADE" type of SSD
Options #2 Buy macsales_DOT_com's 2TB SSD "SATA" type of SSD
Option #3 Other options to end up with 2TB SSD Internal hard drive IMAC? I can only find this 1 macsales_DOT_com vendor that sells anything compatible. Strange. I would think that there are other options, even with Apple Proprietary hardware, if one vendor can do it.
Thanks in advance for any help!!
- B
I attempted to recover to different system from Apple Time Machine it eventually failed due to a untimely network error. Now I can not umount disk on the targeted machine. When I say I can not unmount it I mean I CAN NOT unmount it no matter what approach I use:
Disk utility -- no
Recover -- no
terminal -- no
force via terminal --no
set as a target disk -- no

terminal commands tried were unmout, unmountDisk, unmountVolume
when using recovery on target machine terminal returns the command "no such command"   (so terminal is currupt?)
I have tried all the logical options Google has presented me, I am hoping someone here has a different solution.
The user does video editing with Adobe Premiere on an iMac with Thunderbolt.
They are looking for a well-priced 16TB RAID 5

Would the following configuration be good?
  • Drobo 5Dt: 5-Drive Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Array with mSATA SSD acceleration - USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2 ports (Empty) DRDR5A21-T  (3.5 stars on Amazon)
  • Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive (ST4000VN008)  (5 of these)

The cost looks to be about $1100.00

Is there another manufacturer that we should look at?
Any problems with Drobo?

We have a mac in the shop that when you tunr it on you get the mac chime, then the apple logo, and then a progress bar. The progress bar move about halfway and then the screen goes white. We have tried online recovery, reset NVRAM and SMC, safe mode, and CTRL+R. None of these have gotten us anywhere. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any other ideas. Client is a photographer and has tons of pictures on this mac. Was trying to keep from having to offload the pictures and reinstall.
I want to move an existing Win7 Boot Camp system to new Mac computer.

I'm now using a 2008 Mac Pro Tower with El Capitan and moving it to a new Apple iMac with High Sierra and Fusion HDD.

My existing Mac and Win7 OS's are on separate internal drives. I have full backups of my Win7 system and a clone of the Win7 HDD (using Macrium).

What is the best method? I do not care about preserving any data on my current Mac OS. All my important data/apps are on Win7 HDD.

I would prefer to continue to use Boot Camp due to its much faster speed... but open to Parallels!

Hello experts,

As new users to Mac ecosystem, we were glad that we got the MacBook Air last year and didn't have to worry about buying anything extra in order to work using Air.

The USB ports and the Mini DP was good enough to work with our existing monitor, keyboard and mouse setup.

However, we recently bought the late 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar with those obnoxious USB-C ports.

Would be great if someone recommends nice adapters/converters to use our USB keyboard and mouse and also a converter from HDMI to USB-C or a proper cable from HDMI to USB C port that would work without any issues on the MacBook Pro.

Came across this one:

Open in new window

Since these converters and cables are cash cows for FBA sellers, there are tons of these on Amazon making it very hard to shortlist.

Any thoughts would be nice. Thanks!
my friend has an iphone 6 that when you power it on, it simply reads 'iphone is disabled' - connect to itunes'. I have plugged it into a windows machine and it loads the 'internal storage' of the device (quoting approx 1GB of 60GB free), yet when I click the 'internal storage' drive, nothing loads up. They are not overly fussed about getting the device to work just to salvage any photos files from storage. I am guessing the fact that windows can recognise the device and list the internal storage is a good sign from a hardware fault perspective, but I cannot see any files when I click internal storage. What can be done to view and copy off the contents of internal storage in this situation? I dont have the machine they may or may not of used to sync with itunes, although I could install itunes a fresh on my own windows machine and go from there... all I really need to do is copy the files from internal storage through whatever means.
I am in the process of upgrading the HDD on a Macbook Pro. The old HDD works fine but is running out of space.
Could somebody let me know how to prepare the new HDD and how to install OSx on it Please.
What's the best way to update Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 (Mid-2010) from 10.6.8 to either El Capitan or Sierra or at least something newer than 10.6.8. We do not mind doing fresh install. We have other El Capitan Mac which we could use to create an installation image. Can we just install El Capitan and will it automatically activate and not ask for licence serial number? Will drivers still be available?

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Can anyone recommend a Performance Test Benchmark software for Apple Mac's running OS X?

I'd like to measure the Disk/Ram/Disk-Swapping/etc on my current Mac against any scale/benchmark, so that I can go to the Apple store and purchase a new Apple Mac that is at least as fast as my current Mac, or compare the Performance of my other Macs again one another.
What URL(s) can I go to where I can enter the serial number of and determine the warranty expiration date of a Mac laptop?
Where are my videos hiding on my iPhone 7?

I am using a few teleprompter apps and start the recording okay, but I can not find where the video is being placed for either app. I look in the Camera app since that is where I see videos when created with the Camera app, but I am sure they are elsewhere...

Any ides where I can find them?

I have 8GB RAM memory on a Mac.  How can I tell if upgrading to 16GB RAM would help? In terms of, for example, how often does an appl need more than 8GB and start disk-swapping, slowing me down a bit? What type of applications are happier with 16GB RAM?
(I have 3 Macs, one with 4GM RAM, 1 with 8GB RAM, and one with 16GB RAM. When I look at Activity Monitor, they all seem to use less than what is installed of course)
Mac user.
User had an old, no longer supported Promise RAID5 that had a drive stop working.
I inserted a replacement, but after 3 days the RAID didn't rebuild.
I pulled the new drive, but even though I was able to see the folders, no files could be accessed.
I called Promise.
Because the RAID was an older model, Promise had no Promise software was able to run on any Mac to do diagnostics.  They told me to find a backup, attach the drive to a Windows Machine, and only use it with Windows.

This is a disappointment.  I had a backup on BackBlaze, but it takes days to recover 2 TB

I need to choose between:
  • Finding an old Mac that will run the old Promise software, reformatting the Pegasus RAID 5, and assuming that the error was a one-show
  • Buying a new Pegasus 2  Thunderbolt - connected unit
  • Buying a CRU RAID one, and connecting it with a Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 connector, or else USB 3

User has a collection of Videos that they want to keep on a RAID.
They do not add videos very often, and may do some simple editing from time to time.

I realize that the RAID 1 would allow them to pull a drive out for safe keeping, and then rebuild the mirror.
I am wondering if CRU unit with USB 3 connected directly to a 3 year old iMac would have the throughput necessary to play Quicktime MOV files

Hello I have a Macintosh MacBook with latest Sierra OS and I configured the basic to acces it via VNC. It works, the problem is that the computer doesn’t look the screen when you are using VNC. How can be locked the screen while you are using via remote the Macintosh via VNC?

Apple Hardware





All of Apple's hardware is produced solely by Apple Inc., who determines internal systems, designs, and prices. Apple buys certain components wholesale from third-party manufacturers. The current Mac product family uses Intel x86-64 processors. All Mac models ship with at least 1 GB RAM as standard. Current Mac computers use ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce graphics cards and include a dual-function DVD and CD burner, called the SuperDrive. Current Apple hardware includes the iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook, iPod and Apple TV. Discontinued hardware includes the Apple I, Apple II, and the Apple III, the Lisa, the Newton, the Quadra, Performa, Centris, Macintosh II and LC series, the Power Macintosh, iBooks and the MacBook.