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All of Apple's hardware is produced solely by Apple Inc., who determines internal systems, designs, and prices. Apple buys certain components wholesale from third-party manufacturers. The current Mac product family uses Intel x86-64 processors. All Mac models ship with at least 1 GB RAM as standard. Current Mac computers use ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce graphics cards and include a dual-function DVD and CD burner, called the SuperDrive. Current Apple hardware includes the iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook, iPod and Apple TV. Discontinued hardware includes the Apple I, Apple II, and the Apple III, the Lisa, the Newton, the Quadra, Performa, Centris, Macintosh II and LC series, the Power Macintosh, iBooks and the MacBook.

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I'm looking for a Thunderbolt hard drive array that supports RAID 1 for Mac OS X v. 10.7.5 computer.

What are some good hard drive arrays that can be purchased?
I need to be able to find out if Mac has USB 3 by looking up serial number.

Please provide me with website addresses where I can perform this type of search.
I have Outlook on a pc checking mail on a pop mail account, and it leaves mail on the server. what's the best way to set up the iPhone to also get the mail?  If I set up the phone for  IMAP it says I have thousands of unread messages. If I set up the iPhone for pop the phone doesn't seem to be getting all the mail even though I am leaving mail on the server when Outlook checks. This is a gmail account. I want to have the same email show on both devices.  I'd like the iPhone to not say I have thousands of unread messages if I don't check each one of them one on the iPhone.
i downloaded a sports teams schedule into google calendar and it wont show up on the ipad/iphone calendar as everything else does, i also tried subscribing to other county holidays and they wont show up either.

thank you
Hi: My MacBook Pro (with Windows 7 Parallels Desktop) has been operating witout problems for several years.  However, after downloading and installing the Kaspersky Anti-virus application included with the Mac OS, the system crashed, with the requisite message notation to reboot.  I had previously downloaded and installed the Kaspersky Internet Security application, also included with the MacBookPro, apparently successfully.  On attempting to reboot, the process proceeded only to the point of the Apple logo and the rotating circle being displayed, and seemingly freezing thereafter.  That process was repeated, after awaiting five minutes with no apparent activity, via a hard power-down and power-up (after about one minute) via the power switch.  The result was the same.  The process was repeated a second time with the same result.  The computer had to be powered off via the power switch. Please advise what may have happened, and, more importantly, what can be done to recover to proper operation of the MacBook Pro.
I have Windows running natively on my MacBook Pro.
I am unable to hear sound.
I plugged headphones into what appears to be the earphone jack on the side of the MadBook Pro where the USB ports are. Still no sound.
I plugged a microphone into the USB port on the computer - and then plugged the headphones into the microphone jack. I can hear sound that way.

Lugging the microphone around is a nuisance. Any ideas on how to get sound to work through the computer speakers, or through the jack?
Tablet Code of Conduct and Security Plan

Tablet computers represent an immense potential to streamline National’s operations from the continued connectivity of the field to the office.  While this connectivity will inevitably increase productivity in the field, the ability to access our data remotely represents a tremendous data risk that must be mitigated as much as possible.  
In order to mitigate these risks the following Tablet Code of Conduct and Security Plan has been developed.  If an employee fails to follow any of the following policies the employee will be subject to disciplinary action which may lead to the immediate termination of their employment.  
•      Tablets are only to be used for company business.  Games, music or non-company business related applications are not to be installed on the tablet.  The IT Help Desk must provide permission before installing any applications on the tablet to ensure data security.
•      Tablets must be never left unattended in an unsecured environment.
o      When an employee enters an empty apartment, they must immediately lock the apartment door behind themselves before beginning their work and setting the tablet down.  If the employee is not able to lock the apartment door behind them, the tablet must never leave their side.  
o      If the employee is accompanied in the apartment by a supplier or guest, the employee must maintain the tablet in the same room as themselves.  Employees are never allowed to demonstrate the tablet’s use …
Good day everyone. I have a newer iMac and it came with iLife '11 but did not come with iDVD. I know the nstory about Apple not including it anymore.

My question is, is there an free alternative to get my iMovies burned on to DVD?

I'm searching for a writer for our site that can write with authority and expertise about Apple products.

They need to be able to write with great English grammar and be able to provide breaking news, reports, analysis, reviews, comparisons, to Apple product fans and consumers/shoppers.

Our site is an approved Google News and Bing News source - items are appear in the search engines within minutes of publication.

My goal here is to find someone that really knows Apple products inside and out and can write as an expert.

It would be great if the writer is SEO and AdSense savvy, but if not that is ok, I can teach them.

We do a 50% revenue share with our writers using AdSense. I can help a writer get AdSense if they don't already have it.

Any suggestions on where I can go to find such a writer?

I've tried and others but the quality of expertise there is really low.

If someone reading this is interested, my contact info is in my profile.

We have a BlueSocket wireless controller (BSC).  We have an AppleTV in our meeting room we want to use with the BSC wireless system, to share our iPhones and iPad screens with the AppleTV.  I know I need to allow services though the BSC to use this feature I am pretty sure I have all of them added.
AppleTV gets out to the internet for all of it's apps (YouTube etc.) but I cannot get it to share the screens from my Apple devices.  
Both the AppleTV and iPhone/iPads are on the same subnet
Any ideas  what might be blocking AirPlay (also called mirroring) between the AppleTV and apple devices.

Big problem - a client asked me to upgrade the hard drive in their iMac 4,1. It's an older one, with just a Core Duo, not a Core2Duo.

After opening the case and replacing the drive successfully, I put it back together. I installed 10.6 on the new drive, bringing back the files, apps and settings from 10.4, which was previous installed, by way of connecting the old drive via USB.

Everything worked like a charm - except this: the machine couldn't see any WiFi networks when I turned on Airport. I know for a fact there are about ten in range of where I was working.

To test this, I enabled the WiFi hotspot on my phone, and placed it close to the machine, and it could see it, and connect. If I took the phone just outside of the room, the signal dropped.

Same with bluetooth - it will connect to the mouse only if the mouse if pretty much pressed up against the screen.

I open it up again, and checked that the WiFi antenna was connected, and it was. On this model, however, there is only one antenna connected to the WiFi adaptor. Another antenna appears to be connected to what I presume to be the bluetooth adaptor.

When I opened it up, I presumed the foil tape between the LCD and its frame needed to come off, so I removed it. Of course, it didn't. There's not much left of it, so it can't go back on.

Would I be right in thinking that this foil (looks aluminium) should be connecting the edge of the screen and it's supporting frame to create an extension …
Hi ,
First off Im not a mac guy I have to help my CEO do a off site back up of his IMAC at home to our office at work. Now He has a time capsule at home doing back up and is there a way I can setup a second one at our office and mirror that back up of the other one ?
I bought an iPhone 4 that has no sim card access from the exterior.

I bought a straight talk sim and $45 service card.

The phone does not have the micro sim access that I asked for and I need to move my straight talk number to this phone. It says the current carrier is Sprint and I'm stuck...

I bought this for my wife as a bday gift (today is b-day) and I really, really need help transferring the number of her straight talk phone to this phone but I'm lost.  

If this can be done please help!!! Please!!

I'm supposed to install a Flash equivalent software on my Ipad3 for this particular website:

The issue I'm having is I don't know from where to install this software from.  I was told that Puffin software is supposed to be a good one, but can't locate the software.  Can someone assist?  Also, Is there another software I can install besides the recommended software?  More on the FREE side or is this software superior somehow?

Thank you for reading this.

I have a weird iphone problem.

My wife has an Iphone 4s, which was on ios5. to fix a tethering problem I upgraded it to ios 7.0.2

Everything is fine except

The phone will not send SMS to one person ... you guessed it, me.

We're in Singapore and on Singtel as our carrier.

The number on my wife's phone is hidden. to show the number you can add *31# to the front of the number when you call.

when I sms to the iphone it shows *31#<my number>, this then changes to +65 <my number>

If I sms <my number> I get not delivered.  In the list I get 'Message send failure'

Sometimes I get ICE GJ as a contact - this has been deleted.

If I search the contacts my number is not present, as I have deleted all instances of the number.

Don't want to wipe the phone if possible.

Any ideas?

I want to setup a pop3 mail account on my ipad.  I only want to receive messages from senders who are in my contacts.  Is this possible to configure on the ipad?

OK so a friend of mine gave me his daugther's friend's Macbook Pro which apparently is having issues.  I don't know much about Macs but seeing as she was quoted $800 to fix the problem, I figured I'd at least take a look at it.
First off, the Macbook has the following specs, which I got from the serial number:

MacBook Pro 13 inch (Mid 2012)
Machine Model: MacBookPro9,2
Family name: A1278
Model Number: MD101
Production year: 2012
Production week: 52 (December)
Operating System: Mountain Lion

There are a few different issues here:
1) the laptop won't power on at all unless you plug in the AC adapter
2) as soon as you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, it powers on and has fans going full speed
3) the screen turns white, you see the Apple logo and a spinning symbol. From here, a loading bar appears. After about 5 minutes, the progress bar works its way to the end and then the machine powers off
4) I cannot eject the DVD at any point
5) I cannot get ANY other screens to display except for the one mentioned above.  No boot menu, no safe mode, etc
6) at one point, I took the hard drive out, connected it my computer and used a program to access the drive and backup any important files (so as far as I can tell, the hard drive is working)
7) I booted the system without the hard drive and when I plug in the AC adapter, the white screen shows a blinking folder with a question mark
8) when the system is powered on, I can hold the power button to shut the system …
We have several Imacs. They were set up when we got them a couple / few years ago so they boot into windows vista.  

2 machine have problems now.

1 gets a white screen for about a minute, screen goes black, then an error about no boot drive found.
I read to press and hold option at boot time.  When I do that I get that same white screen and just a black cursor (I did that on an OK machine and see how you see a mac hard drive and windws hard drive.
I tried making a bootable linux usb drive but can't get it to boot off it.  Pressing option, even on the working machine, doesn't list the usb as a bootable option.  
I booted off a vista install CD to do a repair install.  It didn't find a windows install.

other machine, boots to white screen then we get a folder in the middle with a question mark.
same boot from windows cd doesn't have it find the hard drive / partition
boot from usb drive doesn't work.
Pressing option gets just the arrow, no hard drives.

2 different situations, but both have hardware failed drive?  I'd love to run a hardware hard drive test app.  Any sure fire way to make a usb bootable drive and what app would you use?

I used unetbootin to make the thumb drive
I have 5 mac clients and a mac server (running latest the version on Mountain Lion) in a remote office from me.  I used to be able to access them all easily over VPN using ARD but over the past year I started having issues with some of the macs (I believe that it was after an OS upgrade).  I am using a SonicWall TZ210 router and the built in L2TP VPN to connect to the remote network.  The VPN seems to work great and I can access all remote network resources.  I also setup a port forward in the router and am able to access my server using ARD and the external IP address (no VPN needed).  The problem I have is when connecting through the VPN, I am only able to see one of the computers and connect to it.  All of the computers are on the same subnet and it is different from my home subnet.  I have tried turning remote management off and back on and even reinstalled ARD and nothing seems to work.  I installed ARD on the local server and all of the computers show up fine.  

So to summarize:
1.) ARD works great locally
2.) ARD is only able to see and connect to 1 of my 5 computers over the VPN

I would normally say that this is a VPN issue but one of my computers (not the server with the port forward) is working fine.  And then I would say that it was an ARD client issue but they all work great locally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Brandon Joiner
In my office, I have a common area setup with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I'd like for anyone with a Mac or a PC to be able to connect and use these devices. I would like to know if there is some type of connection hardware or universal docking station that I could have out to make this as seemless as possible.

Thanks in advance.
See the pic... I show 1 notification on the Settings icon and I have checked everything and rebooted the phone.

iPhone 4S with iOS7

iPhone 4S iOS7 notification
Have a client that has an iMac that all of a sudden has a white screen.  We have an image of the boot partition on external drive which starts up fine and you can see the screen so the actual screen is fine.  We have restarted the unit several times and you see the apple logo and it appears to even go through the startup.  I can vnc into the machine and you can see the desktop and use it, but the actual screen remains white.  Does anyone know what causes this, I would prefer not to have to wipe it out and reinstall Lion.  (The backup image is too old to use)

I've seen Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (the 1st version) comes with fine
tipped hard stylus (sort of plastic tip).

However, when I searched in or elsewhere, all the
fine-tipped stylus for capacitive devices comes with piece of pad
at the tip : refer to a few of the links below:

I happen to read somewhere that manufacturers faced certain
technical challenges in making fine tipped stylus for capacitive
surfaces but can't recall where I read that.  How then did Note 1
have it?  Isn't Note 1 capacitive?

Is there anywhere I can get those fine-tipped stylus for writing
on iPhone or iPad or capacitive devices?  Pls provide links that
I can buy them.

I'm not used to those with soft rubberized fat tips.
Last nite I used my iPad 3, put it to sleep and went to bed.  This morning it wouldn't wake up.  Put it on the charger, but still didn't come on - no indication that it is charging on either of the Apple chargers I use.  Left it on one then the other for hours.  Also tested the chargers with other devices.  Have cycled the wake/sleep button, to no avail.  This unit has been treated well - no drops or liquids.  Kinda obvious to suspect the battery.  Is there a way to test it? Reset it? Other ideas?
Backed up iPhone 4s [IOS 7.0.2] with iTunes 11.1

Restored above backup to new iPhone 5s [IOS 7.0.2] - messages not restored - should they have been?

Apple Hardware





All of Apple's hardware is produced solely by Apple Inc., who determines internal systems, designs, and prices. Apple buys certain components wholesale from third-party manufacturers. The current Mac product family uses Intel x86-64 processors. All Mac models ship with at least 1 GB RAM as standard. Current Mac computers use ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce graphics cards and include a dual-function DVD and CD burner, called the SuperDrive. Current Apple hardware includes the iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook, iPod and Apple TV. Discontinued hardware includes the Apple I, Apple II, and the Apple III, the Lisa, the Newton, the Quadra, Performa, Centris, Macintosh II and LC series, the Power Macintosh, iBooks and the MacBook.