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Apple Networking

Apple devices including Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPad support standard wired and wireless networking technologies, but they also utilize custom applications and some special techniques for networking with each other and with non-Apple devices. Apple manufacturers the AirPort line of wireless networking products, and has its own networking protocols, AppleTalk and AFP (Apple Filing Protocol).

Easiest method to establish remote control of mac computer.
How to use Remote Desktop on MacBook to access remote Windows 10 VM from my MacBook

I have logged into the VM via the Browser, but need to see the entire Windows Desktop. I do have an IP address, the username and the password.

What must I do on my MacBook to use Remote Desktop?

I cannot connect my iPhone 11 running IOS 13.3.1 with my Surface Pro 6 laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise version 1809.  

I can pair the devices so that both devices will show up in the others' OS list of blue tooth paired devices (see img1, img2).

When I try to connect the iPhone to the laptop by selecting "laptop name...Not Connected" from the list of paired devices in the MY DEVICES area,  I get the following error pop-up on the iPhone - "Connection Unsuccessful 'laptop name' is not supported" where the only option is to Forget Device (see img 3).

When I select Forget Device, the "laptop name" is deleted from the MY DEVICES section and moved to the OTHER DEVICES section (see img 4).

Selecting the "laptop" from the OTHER DEVICES section returns error pop-up - "Pairing Unsuccessful "laptop name" is not supported" where the only option is OK (see img 5).

FYI, I have tried all of the obvious things like turning blue tooth on and off on both devices, resetting network settings on iPhone, looking for driver updates for windows, etc.
Can apple laptop access a windows workgroup share.
I'm experiencing a new crazy issue.  I have about 9 MAC computers on a network with mostly Windows PCs.  I have a windows 2012R2 DC, with AD, DNS, DHCP, etc...
If the Macs use a static IP, everything works fine, the hostname stays what is configured by the user.

As soon as I change the manual IP to DHCP on the MAC, after a reboot, the hostname of the PC randomly changes to a windows PC name.
It's completly random, as different MACs use different windows PC names.   Where do I even begin to troubleshoot this issue.

I am running different versions of the mac, on most of the macs, i'm running Mojave.  A few are running Catalina.
A friend of mine recently recommended I get an access point in addition to the router I have.  What access point should I buy?  I have an Apple AirPort acting as my router/access point for about 30 wireless devices in the house.

My plan is to have my router hard wired to my desktop and smart tv, then an access point setup to serve the rest of the devices that use wireless (Nest, Baby monitoring cameras, cell phones, ipads, etc).

When you recommend an access point should I make the Apple AirPort the main router or have the new recommendation be the router and turn the AirPort into the access point?

Thank you.
Budget: $200 or less

There will be about 20-30 wireless devices using the router habitually.  I also work from home some days.  I currently have an Apple Airport, but was looking to replace it after the 5 years I've had it.  Apple doesn't make them anymore (I heard that somewhere) so was curious what others recommend nowadays.  I've used Netgear, DLink and Linksys in the past.  I'm down for whatever really.  I'll probably be purchasing it on Amazon unless Newegg or something else has a better price that you know of?

Thank you so much.
I am looking for an 'AutoHotKey'-type program for Mac.  I have to type the same/similar sentences very frequently, and I need to find a reliable short cut.  AutoHotKey was perfect, but I have moved (back) over to Mac, so it doesn't work.  I'm hoping to find a free download, and If automator or appleScript are capable of doing this I am all ears...

Here would be an example of a desired outcome:
Press [Shift + Cmnd + Delete] and the sentence 'Thank you very much for your time today' would appear in whatever app I am working with

Thanks all!
MAC OSX and Exchange connectivity problems.
I have a few OSX clients, newest version having mail connectivity issues.  I host my own exchange 2016 server, and none of my windows users are having this issue.
I have mac is hard wired and the other is using wifi, and both are having issues sending or receiving emails.  Looks like the mac mail client has issues connecting.
I can ping my exchange server just fine from the work station and since my PCs are not having this issue, it leads me to believe it's something with the OS client?
The Exchange server and the macs are on the same network.

When trying to send an email, it just sits  in the outbox until it goes out by itself later.
Or there's an error message stating to select a server.
It's random throughout the day.

If anyone has experienced this before and knows what is causing the issue, I would be so appreciative to figure this out.
Anyone know how I can ask Siri on the iPhone to connect to my Amazon echo dot for communication with another room?

I have an issue with disappearing shortcuts of shared folders between two mac machines. Here is the case in details:

On MAC1 there are 10 folders on the desktop that are shared on the network. They are accessible and visible on MAC2.

When I created shortcuts on the desktop of MAC2, they work fine until MAC1 is rebooted. Then a warning message appears and shortly after that the shortcuts are gone.

Is there a way to resolve this issue?

MAC1 is running macOS Yosemite 10.10.5

MAC2 is running macOS Mojave version 10.14.3

Thank you
On a MAC - How to enable and disable screen sharing or remote management remotely from the command line.

We are a school and we started buying iPads for the staff. I have created a school iCloud account.  

Please let me know if there will be a way of adding new iPad to the school cloud account and once the iPad is given to staff they must be able to install apps by their own.

But when they leave the organisation , they should return the iPad , but able to carry the paid apps and install on their iPads they wish.

Please let me know a best way of setting up this.

Any help will be great and thanks in advance.
I'm looking for documentation and videos for using & supporting JAMF to manage and support Macs.
Have a customer who has been running a Mac - connected to wifi on a Mikrotik RB951 router/access point. Has worked well for a long time. The Mac is around 10 years old.
When trying to connect to his wlan recently he couldn't see the wlan. The Mac detected, however, a couple of near-by networks.

I did some checking and found that I could  see the network and log on from my windows PC and from my Samsung phone without any problems. Customer could also see the network and log on from his iPhone. Tried to define a new network on the Mac by entering the ssid and the password, but got message "Network not found".

Tried to turn off the WPA2 encryption and run witout any encryption, and then he could connect without any problem.

This problem seems to have shown up after upgrading to Router OS 6.43.8.
Downgrading to previous version (6.42.6), but it didn't change anything.

Had a very similar problem with another customer also with a Mikrotik hap ac lite. After upgrading to Router OS 6.43.8, apple devices got connection problems. Replaced it wirh a Ubiquiti unifi ap, and the apple devices started to connect properly again.

Any ideas why Apple produkts seems to have these wifi connection issues?

P.S.  Have also posted this quesiton in the Mikrotik forum.

The user is having trouble connecting their Blackberry Android to an Apple WiFi network.
They have a Blackberry Priv.  
Their home network uses Apple Airport Express
The phone indicates that it is connected to the D55 Wi-Fi network, but they can't browse

I made sure that all Airports had the latest firmware, and restarted each Airport.
I suggested that they connect to the 5G network rather than the 2G, just in case there was too much interference.

Is there anything that should be done on the Android?

I got Apple TV 4k device as a gift.  Don't know how it works.  
Do I need to subscribe for it or can I watch stuff for free?  and another question in general.   How does it compare to roku or chromecast?
Thanks in advance!
MacBook Pro Model A1707 Intel i7 2.6GHz, 15 Inch, 2016, 16GB RAM  & Intel HD 530 graphics boot but cannot connect to any network (only wireless is an option) and so "crashes" with "a critical update must be installed but cannot connect to network" so all I get it the option to try again or shutdown. So I have a few questions please
1. Is there an option to connect to a cabled network (I do not see any RJ45 connectors on this laptop)
2. I believe the SSD on this laptop is on-board so is there a way to get any user data off this drive if it won't boot in IOS
3. Any other suggestions to get it working again without risking overwriting existing user data.
Thank you.
Apple Airport vs. eero mesh network - iPad Pro wireless network loses connection 

As Apple is ceasing manufacturing Airport router, l want to replace with router with greater signal in 2335 sq. ft. single story rectangular home. Issue is MLB.TV signal. Currently Spectrum signal is 100 mbps with Cat5 connection @ Mac OS. Wireless is less than 60 mbps. At opposite end of house iOS signal is less than 30mbps Ookla).

No MLB.TV connection issues with Apple TV CAT5 connected to router.

Frequent MLB.TV  signal loss with iPad Pro, similar loss with YouTube, both require iPad reboot. Message suggests trying alternate account for login - not true, reboot required.

Would something like eero 2nd gen. Mesh network help?
What is the process to connect an iPhone X to a remote Windows network using the Always On VPN?
I have had a few people tell me that when trying to visit a site using safari on their iPhones, they get an error that says:

Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.

I asked other people to test on their iPhones and they said it works fine. After asking Google about this it seems that the answer is always something to do with the phone itself. But, it is not realistic to ask everyone with an iPhone to check this setting, and check that setting in order to try use the website.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this?
Mac laptops cannot map to printer

i have a mixed network between mac & windows laptops with a Windows 2008 Print server

when i try to browse to the windows server on the macs its not browsing - its unable to find that specific server
if i map the printer by IP address it does not print

Please help
What's the best way to update Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 (Mid-2010) from 10.6.8 to either El Capitan or Sierra or at least something newer than 10.6.8. We do not mind doing fresh install. We have other El Capitan Mac which we could use to create an installation image. Can we just install El Capitan and will it automatically activate and not ask for licence serial number? Will drivers still be available?

I really know very little about Macs.

A friend sent me this about his macBook laptop

I was updating my hard drive with my external hard drive this morning and the computer froze midway through. I turned the computer off and unplugged the external hard drive which may have been my first mistake. The entire hard drive seems to be deleted and I have no operating system. The computer starts up and goes to a list of OSX reinstallation options. At this point I don’t want screw anything else up. I last backed up in mid April so I won’t lose that much considering I send most files out by email.  Can you help get me going?

Anyone know where to start with this? He was using time machine - is that an  image of the hard drive / we restore the image and we're done?  Or is it just backup of certain files / folders? We'd have to install the OS, apps, configuration, .etc?  HGe talked of removing the external hard drive... not sure if he corrupted that too?

Would anyone care to share some advice where to start to get that machine going again?

The machine is only a couple years old.

Somehow, I have a 'mac os and install disk 1' for 10.5.4.  taht's copyright date of 2008.  (NOT from his machine, just a disk I have on my shelf.

And I have a bunch of USB disks if there's a place / need to download the OS.

But I have no clue where to start.

How can certain usernames be hidden from the Mac OS X logon screen window when the login window is displayed as a list of users?

We want to keep the list of users view (and not switch to the "Name and password" option and want to simply be able to hide certain usernames from appearing in this list.

How can this be done?

This needs to be done within a macOS High Sierra version 10.13.4 OS.

Apple Networking

Apple devices including Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPad support standard wired and wireless networking technologies, but they also utilize custom applications and some special techniques for networking with each other and with non-Apple devices. Apple manufacturers the AirPort line of wireless networking products, and has its own networking protocols, AppleTalk and AFP (Apple Filing Protocol).

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