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Apple Networking

Apple devices including Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPad support standard wired and wireless networking technologies, but they also utilize custom applications and some special techniques for networking with each other and with non-Apple devices. Apple manufacturers the AirPort line of wireless networking products, and has its own networking protocols, AppleTalk and AFP (Apple Filing Protocol).

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After logging on and while using his Mac OS X 10.9.5 computer a user repeatedly receives messages about things wanting to access and use the keychain similar to the message shown in the screenshot.

I have already performed first aid on the keychain and then verified the keychain but continue to get this message.

If we click the Cancel button this message continues to appear and keeps prompting for this password which we don't know.

What can be done to fix this issue?

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I want to map FROM the windows 10 to the mac how can i do this ?

Hello I have a mac mini that was not purchase with our volume program and customer #, but when I log into the deployment program and try to enroll this one device to the MDM server I get this error ...Couldn't assign this device the data you provided my be incorrect please check your serial... any suggestions on incorporating this mac to this account?
I have 2 macOS 10.12.5 + HP 2055DN LaserJet + HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 all Ethernet [CAT-5] connected to Apple Airport Extreme.

Ever since I backed up one of the Macs with resident Acronis, a request to print from either Mac returns:

This printer has been paused. Do you want to resume printing?

If you do not want to resume the printing of jobs, you may add this job to the printer for later printing. If you select Resume and the printing of jobs cannot be resumed, this job will automatically be added to the printer.

Cancel / Add to Printer / Resume

The result of all this is NO Printing! Nada, Zilch - nothing. No matter which option I select or how long I wait. Rebooting all except Airport Extreme does not help. Sometimes the 8210 control panel displays ‘Printing’ - it does not.

As some of you may know, I have been trying for some weeks to establish a fixed IP address for this printer.l NO Luck Yet…

When I power up the printer, the IP address is: - before the Acronis backup, I could print from both Macs until the 8210 timed out and I had to reboot the 8210.

As you might expect I am getting desperate…

If it were not that I need the color printer and there is an AC unit in my office window, the 8210 would be a candidate for Defenestration.

A solution would be most welcome !!
Are there great benefits to keeping Bonjour programs on my computer.  I do not understand how it benefits me.  Is it network sharing?
Looking to help a friend who uses a mac - I only know windows.

He says it's running really slow.  Where would you start to troubleshoot?  

Is there an equivalent task manager to show what's running / what's taking processor power?

How do you tell if the hard drive is full? (is it the same as windows - you don't want the hard drive near full because of temp files /  etc?

How much RAM would you want on a machine these days? What mac would you say is just too old for casual business use these days?  Me, I don't like celerons or any other processors others than i5 or i7 (maybe i3).  Yes, core 2 duos run windows, but sevearl year old windows PCs just crawl with all the patches / updates / etc on a windows machine.  same for a mac?

And for windows, I'd want 8GB+ RAM.  4 would be the lowest I'd deal with.

Hi All I am trying to set up my DELL MFP Printer C1765nf to scan to my iMac.  They are on the same network, the printer is networked using ethernet and the iMac connects wirelessly.

I have created a scan folder called 'Dell' where it is shared and have created an account called 'printer' with a password and read and write permissions. 'Everybody' has read and write permissions.  I have gone to System Preferences and enabled file sharing and added the 'Dell' folder and the 'printer' user account.  I have also gone into Options and checked 'Share Files and Folders using SMB'.

Next on the web control panel I have entered:

Server type: SMB

Server Address: the IP of my iMac which I got from Terminal

Share Name: Dell

Server Path: Left blank as 'Dell' folder sits on my desktop

Server Port Number: 139

Login Name: printer

Password: <the password for printer>

Everytime I try to scan I get a Login Failed Error on 031-529.  Does anyone know what might be wrong?

All help appreciated!
Add HP 8210 Printer to Airport Extreme with USB

I have HP OfficeJet 8210 I want to connect to local Airport Extreme with USB and share with other Macs on same Airport Extreme network.

Currently I have to shutdown/restart the printer to get on the local network with IP address which is automatically assigned at printer restart.

How do I assign permanent IP address ( to printer so that printer restart not needed and printer will be available to all local network users?

On setting up a mac server its host name is server.local would this have an affect on deploying profiles remotely to it? Thanks
I have an old mid-2009 MacBook Pro which I am currently using to try to access my newly-installed 1Gbps internet connection. Looks like I can't do that, because 100Mbps is the maximum my machine can do, according to several speed tests.

So I'm thinking of connecting an external USB wireless adapter to get as much speed as I can for my Wi-Fi. What make and model is best for this problem? I'm running El Capitan (OSX 10.11.6).

Thanks for all suggestions!
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I've recently installed a pair of iMacs running MAC OS Sierra on a network with a Windows 7 64bit Pro PC acting as a fileserver. I added the various shared folders as favourites on the Finder sidebar however once in a while the favourites vanish and need to be re-added.

At first I thought it was perhaps because the iMacs were connected to the network via WiFi and the connection wasn't established before the computer tried to somehow validate the favourites so I've wired the computers in but it's made no difference.
Is below a real Apple.com site asking a legitimate login request (my account will be locked for a week, then deleted) or a scam. Page looked legit. I was able to login to Apple.com OK - should I continue with this request? e.g. who is 'www.votsalo-construction.gr'

I have a TWC modem (no hot spot available), airport extreme router, and server. I have two PC with Vista that are connected. I am trying to connect my tablets with Window 7. These tablets were in use before the upgrades of modem, airport, and server. Now, the tablets will not reconnect to the airport/internet. I have performed all window 7 updates. The connections icon shows the network's name but does not allow connection. Also, the connection icon has a yellow star to begin with.  I have unplugged- and-plugged the modem and airport too.  My public network is connect on these tablets.
Anyone know of a good site for online training. I am trying to get the Apple 10.12 certification. Also I am in Indianapolis and it looks like there are no testing centers here. The closest testing center is in Chicago. Is this true? Any advice on Apple Certs would be greatly appreciated.
half our computers are now macs. Should we update our Windows server?
We are moving from an Apple server with RAID to a Windows server with RAID and I am wondering what the best way is to do this.  I can just copy the folders over to the Windows but then I cannot see how to apply any sharing or permissions once the Mac file is on the Windows side.

Thank you for any help.
Dear Experts,

I have a file server (running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with SP1) on our network with 3 drives, C, F, G, and have most of the shared data on F and G drives.  Using MacBook (OS v. 10.11.3), I am able to connect to server via IP address, and able to see all shared folders.
However, when I am away from the network, using Cisco VPN IPSec connection, it is able to see Public folder on C drive, but not the rest.  It also sees NAS storage on the network, but I need to have F and G drives on the file server for the Mac users.  What do I need to do?
Please advise.
I've been hired to unravel problems with file sharing.  The setup is as follows.
Mac file server running 10.8.5.  
10 Mac workstations that are running VMfusion 10.  The VM's mostly have Windows 8.1 on it.  I just upgraded all of the Mac OS to Sierra this week (except the Server).
On the Mac Server there are two internal drives.  The second drive is dedicated to file sharing.
The problem is that computers get intermittent access and or permissions errors.  Sometimes it gives server or network not found errors. Today after making some changes I'm now getting "user and or password incorrect" error.
I'd like to start fresh with the shares if possible.  I actually did unshare and reshare the data drive already and reset permissions but it didn't help.  
I read a post somewhere where someone said they added the computer names in the verizon router somewhere and that fixed it.  I've never heard of that.
Other posts talk about using an App for file sharing that I'd pay for and download from the App store.  Any thoughts on that?
I'm very family with PC's but still learning a bit with Macs.  Do Mac's run into file sharing problems in work groups once they reach a certain number of workstations on the network?  I know this is a PC issue but not sure about Macs.
Thank You!
What is the best way to share folders between Windows 7 Pro and Mac OS Sierra?  I have a recurring problem - the Mac will remember the shared folders on the PC and allow access for a day or a week or some other arbitrary amount of time then suddenly will say the shared folder is inaccessible.  The only way to get the connection back up is to go into Finder and 'Connect to Server'.  Is there a specific way to keep the shares permanently live?  I've had the same problem at home also, with Mac to Western Digital MyCloud NAS drive.  I've tried duplicatiing the same account credentials at both ends but this didn't make any difference.
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Free Tool: IP Lookup

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Here is my problem. I just got a new isp and they have given me a huwei router using PPPOE.

Here is my setup
Huawei router > sonicwall > airport extreme > network
I disabled dhcp on my huawei router, enabled it on sonic wall and use airport extreme in bridge mode, since sonicwall handles my vpns and basically is a stronger machine to handle the network tasks of dhcp.
Now i open a port in sonicwall but i am unable to view it publicly?  I cant open ports on airport because i am in bridged mode.
In the sonicwall, the ISP has a policy of not giving me the PPPOE password, so what i had to do was setup a local gateway and static ip (local) the subnet that my isp modem is on.
Now i am unable to open ports, whats my best solution so i can open ports in my nvr, my isp does not support ipv6

Also there is no option for me to make my huwei router bridge and use PPPoe on sonicwall as the ISP will NOT give me the password and i have prepaid for a year, and its the best option available!

i am working on a network that has 10 MAC's some are airbooks other are mini's and a mac pro server (as well as Microsoft server 2008 R2 and windows 7 desktops. the issue is with the MACs the person that set up the Mac's named many of them the same name? I am new to the MAC world but know from the Windows world you shouldn't ever name multipal devices the same name. First is this a problem in the MAC world and if not do you know how to not make it a problem in a Windows world? I am adding a windows server as a DC and not sure how the name resolution is going to work?

Thank you
Using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on around 50 Macs and very simply trying to set users Safari Homepage. Loads of posts about

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safari.plist HomePage "http://awebsite.com"

but it doesn't work.....is anyone successfully doing this?
Hi guys,

Merry Christmas to anyone celebrating!

I have the above external 1 TB drive. It has been plugged into my Airport Extreme for several years, and it has probably never been turned off. A few months ago I started getting an error and it would not connect. Periodically it would work.

It has stopped being recognised now. I have put the firewire into it, tried the USB etc - even tried my old Mac.

When I go to Disk Utility, cannot see the drive. It just seems to hang on loading all drives, until I pull the cable out and then it finds my Mac again.

There are lots of things I really care about on this drive (and yes I know I should have more than one copy - that was what I was doing today).

Happy to buy anything I need to try and fix. Even thinking I may need to undo the unit, get the hard drive out and try and see in a cradle on my W10 machine.

Please help!!!

apple tv
gets warm
is there a fan or cooling system

i dont see an air vent
i dont see a power button
will apple tv catch on fire if not turned off

apple tv powered through television

does apple tv go on low power screen saver mode

Apple Networking

Apple devices including Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPad support standard wired and wireless networking technologies, but they also utilize custom applications and some special techniques for networking with each other and with non-Apple devices. Apple manufacturers the AirPort line of wireless networking products, and has its own networking protocols, AppleTalk and AFP (Apple Filing Protocol).

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