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Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.

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My MacBook Pro (13”, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, Mojave 10.14.5) is doing something weird when I try to use the hidden dock with some external screens.

Never had the problem before, but ever since hooking up to an HD screen (temporarily), my dock isn’t working properly with other second screens.

The dock doesn’t show up until I’ve held the cursor in place for 5–15 seconds on either screen, and even then it sometimes doesn’t appear. I’ve regressed to an unhidden dock for now, but this is not ideal. I’ve tried adjusting resolution size and a few other things, but nothing is working so far.

When I’m not using a second screen, I have no problems at all. Research has not giving me much to go on.
Introduction to R
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Introduction to R

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We have an issue with one of our mac cylinder.  It is stuck at the  progress bar with the apple logo, it doesnt go further.  Have tried the following with no luck

1. going to safe mode
2. resetting the PRAM
3. reinstalling the operating system without formatting

Appreciate your advise
MacOS Disk Eject Hanging

I did not pull out my hard disk after an overnight backup with Time Machine. But this window popped up and shows the spinning wheel when I cursor over Cancel and Force Eject...

I tried relaunching Finder and can not Restart MacOS, since this hangs.

I hate doing a hard restart of my MacBook.

What are my options?

I have an old Mac running Quark version 6. The MAC is slowly heading to the grave yard. Some times you have to wait several days before you can boot to a desktop - YEP, it's failing. Unfortunately the company relies on Quark 6 to create business cover pages, and we don't have the original software.

So, I went to Quark and downloaded version QuarkXPress 2018 on a Windows Pro 7. Yep, I'm about to be hit with all types of compatibility, file format night mares. The first problem I got past related to version. I downloaded/executed QuarkXPress Document converter tool. I was successful in bringing old files up to date, yet I received the following error:

Please note that any web or interactive layouts will be removed during conversion!

These layout types are no longer supported in QuarkXPress 10 and later. “New C-4908_9X.qxp” uses fonts not installed in your system.

      Helvetica 95 Black
      Helvetica Extra Compressed
      Future Book
      B Eurostile Bold
      Futura Condensed

I  was able to open up the files from the MAC PC via Quark. Unfortunately, the format/font was not correct. I need to be able to recreate the same cover pages as I have done in the past. Is there anyway of recreating this environment?

I have done some research, It appears I'M not the only one trying to copy over MAC fonts to a Windows environment. I understand they are written in a different format (DFont). Has anybody had success with this?
I have an old Mac Desktop (Power Mac G5) that has a ton of (file name).olk14MsgSource files that a client wants to review.  

What is the best way to import and collect these into a PST file?  

Or make them searchable and reviewable?
Hi, I know Apple just removed PPTP from its options for remote work, question, is L2TP still available as a connection method?

Thanks all
I have a 2012 MacBook Air that I tried to get boot camp going on an external hard drive.
It’s failed completely and have reset the external hard drive back to factory, but now my MacBook can’t get back to macOS, I’ve tried all the key combinations but it just doesn’t want to work and comes up with.... unable to start. Please try another bootable device and try again or similar..

Pls help
When I insert my Transcend 64GB thumb drive & Western Dig 4TB USB HDD to my teen kid's
Macbook Pro running OSX 10.11.6, both devices are auto-mounted as I can see from  Unix
command "df "

However, I can't copy files into the Western Digital USB HDD (it's partitioned into 2x 2TB)
though I could copy files into the thumb drive.  Both USB devices are formatted as NTFS.
Can't recall the error message that I got but I can test it out again in 3 hrs time.

What's the reason & how can I fix it such that I could copy to the WD HDD?

Basically I just issue the Unix "cp " or "mv " to copy files from the MAC to the /mount
names of the USB devices.
Mac 10.14.4 with apple mail 12.4 and user can no longer send e-mail with DMARC failure response.  Client has Yahoo, Gmail, Centurytel, and iCloud e-mail accounts.  No account can send e-mail due to every account was trying to use GMAIL for SMTP.  Tried adding a iCloud SMTP server as Apple recommended, but once I select iCloud for SMTP on any account it quickly defaults back to None.  I have scanned to computer for viruses with Avast Free, as the computer had no protection and she had fallen victim to a tech support scam on this computer.
Why does the MAC screen go suddenly blue, after I logged into it? Steps, I logged into the MAC, instead of seeing the usual desktop picture, I saw a blue screen for a few seconds.
macOS 10.14.4
OWASP Proactive Controls
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OWASP Proactive Controls

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Question about apple ids

We've generally just setup people with their own apple id, but now we are using apple business manager, should I setup these users in apple business manager and give them a new user id? since I cannot re-use their other one? or can apple attach their user id to my business manager account? Do I set them up as staff?

Not sure the best way to manage my organizations apple ids
I've setup an apple business manager account and need to setup MDM

Here are my thoughts,

I need to setup MDM and am thinking about using SimpleMDM

I will then use Apple configurator 2 App on my mac mini to push a supervised account profile to my ipads

I'm assuming I setup the SimpleMDM on my mac mini? and use the Apple configurator 2 to image the ipads?, then I can link the simple MDM to my apple business manager account as seen in the attached screen shot?
We have 5 ipads used by some of our employees. I set them up with an apple id and logged them into the ipad. The problem is if I need to wipe the ipads there is an activation lock and I need their apple id to unlock. So my concern is that is they leave employment and I cannot get their apple ID password, the ipad is bricked?

I have tried to reset the password, but the phone number on their account is their cell phone, which I don't have access to.

1. Is there a way to wipe the ipad and remove the activation lock without their apple id? Will apple help since it's a corporate owned device? Do I need some type of MDM?

2. Should I be setting these up differently to prevent this issue?

Thank you.
I have a Macbook Air mid 2011 (model A1369) and a MacBook Pro 2017.  I would like the MB pro to connect to the old MBA (which has a broken LCD screen so cannot view it properly) and see the display contents.

Can I do this wirelessly.
Refer to attached screen.  Majority of the storage utilization is under  "Others".

My teen kid's Macbook Pro  ran out of storage space & she can't install a new dmg.
She doesn't store much video, some photos.

She watches a lot of movies, could it be there are lots of temp files under "others"?
How can we housekeep / free up more space on the 250GB drive?

OSX version 12.11.6
I have a 2012 MacBook Air which will not power on normally. If the case is removed and the battery is disconnected then it can be powered on when running on AC power. Once successfully powered on, the laptop can be shut down and the battery reconnected, then it will power on from battery power once. The battery holds a charge and seems fine. It discharges at a normal rate and charges normally if connected to AC power. If powered down on battery power, then the laptop will not power on till the battery is disconnected and it is connected to AC power.

Troubleshooting done:
I have reset the SMC (After your Mac shuts down, press Shift-Control-Option on the left side of the built-in keyboard, then press the power button at the same time. Hold these keys and the power button for 10 seconds.) and I've reset the NVRAM (Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. Turn on your Mac. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys immediately after you hear the startup sound. Hold these keys until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for a second time.)

Has anyone come across this issue and know what the possible cause/fix is? Thanks
Update to Office Mac Mini systems

I am looking for general office update info. I am the only user of these systems

Currently I have 2 Mac mini (late 2012 & late 2014) both running macOS Mojave

Late 2014 has 2 non-4k displays from earlier Windows PCs & 8Gb RAM

Late 2012 has 1 non-4k display  from earlier Windows PC & 8Gb RAM

Each has Acronis backup to local 2TB HD and Apple Time Machine Backup

My computer work is > 95% working with text documents (Pages, Word) and email.
Image work is limited to infrequent iPhone image touchup with Affinity Photo + output to SmugMug.
Swift Publisher is also used to enhance document layout.

My thought is to have 1 Mac Mini with more than 8Gb RAM [16 Gb?) and using all 3 displays for multitasking Pages/Word/etc. documents. I am looking for faster response time to input which is currently *very* slow to activate. System startup time is minutes…

Seems a 2018 Mac Mini has considerably more processing power than I need

I would appreciate Mac Mini model (Year) and Memory (RAM) recommendations.
When I get outlook meetings via email or when I register to an event (*.ics), it get placed to a calendar not my own (I have my calendar and icloud calendar).  I want to always have them place in iCloud calendar; how can do this?
I use iPhone Tasks a lot and have a whole bunch of task.  I am trying to view or get just a list of only past-due tasks in apples iPhone reminders? Every time I click on my iPhone ‘Reminders’ apps to see my expired or past-due tasks, I get the entire list both upcoming and expired tasks in a random order (hope there is a way).
Fundamentals of JavaScript
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

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How do I rejoin inadvertently closed apple account.

I have accidentally closed my account (and my Apple ID passwords have been deleted from all my Apple devices [by Apple?])

How do I rejoin without loosing data/files currently (still?) in my account.

I have Time Machine and Acronis backups of both Macs [OSX 10.14.4]
We have a bunch of MAC's using AFS formatting. We have a NAS that does not have the horsepower to keep up. So my question is is there any solution that we can add to the server that will allow AFS formatting and give us the performance we need? I know I can purchase a $1000 NAS and accomplish this, but trying to see if there is a simple cost effective solution that we can add to hardware we already own.( Server)
What can cause CSRF verification to fail, in Safari web browser?
OS: MacOS 10.14.4
I have a fiend who wants to copy music files from a PC to an iPhone? I downloaded a free program called AnyTrans but it didn't work.
     Also, the music on his PC is neatly categorized into folders, which are further categorized into sub-folders, etc. Even if AnyTrans had worked, we would have had to select the music from each individual folder (very tedious) and then dump them all into one big folder on the iPhone (when we tested AnyTrans we only copied about a dozen music files from one of the folders).
     This may be asking for too much, but is it possible to not only copy the music but to do it with them all still in their respective folders?

We have a staff and who uses a windows laptop to RDP  into our network . Recently  i brought a 9.7 inch ipad for the staff and  and it is possible to use the RDP from the ipad.
If so please let me know the best app that i need to download and install on the ipad for doing the RDP.

I have an iMac that I am getting ready for sale.  Once I return the unit to the beginning
how do I reinstall the OS?  I want to make sure that all of my data is removed.

Apple OS





Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.