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Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.

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I have a Sharp MX-C300W all-in-one that has the ability to scan to network drives.

The network destination I have set up is on a newer "trashcan" mac running OSX 10.13.4. I have a working user name and password for the share, and am using the server's static IP in the network path.

After setting it all up, it works....that is until the next day I come in to work. Attempting to scan to this same destination after some time has passed throws a CE-04 error code, which apparently means "FTP SERVER ACCOUNT NME OR AUTHENTICATION PASSWORD INPUT ERROR" according to the error code index

The way I solve this every single time is simply by disabling and then instantly re-enabling the SMB sharing  on the Mac. This fixes it every time, until enough time has passed and it breaks again.

Any ideas why this is happening? It is so annoying to have to do this every day. If it's a bug in SMB running on the mac, does anyone know a way I can program the mac to automatically turn SMB sharing on and off automatically each day? Would love some help from the experts!
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What's the best way to update Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 (Mid-2010) from 10.6.8 to either El Capitan or Sierra or at least something newer than 10.6.8. We do not mind doing fresh install. We have other El Capitan Mac which we could use to create an installation image. Can we just install El Capitan and will it automatically activate and not ask for licence serial number? Will drivers still be available?

Can anyone recommend a Performance Test Benchmark software for Apple Mac's running OS X?

I'd like to measure the Disk/Ram/Disk-Swapping/etc on my current Mac against any scale/benchmark, so that I can go to the Apple store and purchase a new Apple Mac that is at least as fast as my current Mac, or compare the Performance of my other Macs again one another.
Hello, I got a few users that using Mac's os High Sierra and in their office, we have one guest Network, main office 2.4 and main office 5ghz but all day their systems keeps jumping on to the free Xfinity connection in the area. I have gone into network properties and removed all other connections and just added the main office connection and it still happens... what am I doing wrong?
What URL(s) can I go to where I can enter the serial number of and determine the warranty expiration date of a Mac laptop?
I am new to swift and I have developed an app code based on various tutorials. the app is video recording app with a custom button and custom screen. All I need is to record the video and save the video to an external server based on the click of button. Please help

import UIKit
import AVFoundation
import MapKit
import CoreLocation

class fireSOSViewController: UIViewController,AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate,CLLocationManagerDelegate,MKMapViewDelegate {
    @IBOutlet weak var cameraview: UIImageView!
    @IBOutlet weak var mapView: MKMapView!
    var takeVideo = false
    let locationManager = CLLocationManager()
    @IBAction func cancelFireSOS(_ sender: Any) {
         self.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)
        var captureSession = AVCaptureSession()
        var previewLayer:CALayer!
        var captureDevice:AVCaptureDevice!
        var takePhoto = false
    public var screenWidth: CGFloat {
        return UIScreen.main.bounds.width
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        //   nLabel.text = labelTitle
        if CLLocationManager.locationServicesEnabled() {
            locationManager.delegate = self
            locationManager.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyBest
            mapView.delegate = self

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I am trying to integrate MacBook Pro's and Windows computers in to an Active Directory domain.   I have a test network setup and I have managed to add Windows computers to the domain (no surprise there) and bind a MacBook Pro.

I have a GPO which sets the basic password security - Length, complexity, age etc and I am able to logon with a standard network account both on and offline and manage the MacBook using accounts in the MacAdmin group I setup.     However I am having the following issues and I would appreciate any feedback with the exception of change to all Windows.  

1) There is close to a minute delay after the logon prompt is displayed on the MacBook before network accounts are available to logon.    This is not a huge deal unless it is the first time a user has logged on, the password has been changed in AD or "User must change password at next logon" has been checked in AD.

2) If a password change is required by AD and a user on the MacBook does not wait for the "Network Accounts Are Unavailable" message to go away and logs on with their cached credentials they receive a message that a password change is required.  If you click ok or hit esc the message goes away but the logon to the MacBook never completes and they are left with a fuzzy screen and forced to power cycle the MacBook to get back to the logon prompt

3) If the password is changed in AD and "User must change password at next logon" is checked and a user on the MacBook does not wait for the …
Mac OSX question

I have a large library of digital media. Most of it is kept "offline" but the library software I use (Plex) uses media files to build the library and so I need to use placeholder files.

Using 30 second "this file is archived" videos I can easily catalog offline movies in Plex. I "rsync" the directory structure without files and then "do cp" a placeholder into each movie directory and rename using the parent folder name.

For TV shows this isn't practical as there can be hundreds of episodes per show. I would like to know if there is a way to duplicate the folder/file structure of a tv show, with many episodes under a single folder, using the same placeholder file.

To reiterate, the ultimate goal is to take a placeholder file eg. "placeholder720p.mkv" and use this file to recreate the source directory with the same filenames. So in the end I will have a folder that looks identical to the source, but consists of this placeholder file duplicated over and over. Also, there are non-alphanumeric characters and spaces in the filenames to be duplicated.
Hello I have a Macintosh MacBook with latest Sierra OS and I configured the basic to acces it via VNC. It works, the problem is that the computer doesn’t look the screen when you are using VNC. How can be locked the screen while you are using via remote the Macintosh via VNC?
I have the following code which works on IE and Chrome and iPad (iOS), but not an iPhone (iOS)

Does anyone know why - does iPhone IOS have a restriction that isn't on iPad (iOS)? Any insights would be appreciated.

#myVideo {
    position: fixed;
    right: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    min-width: 100%; 
    min-height: 100%;
  	 z-index: -1;

<video autoplay muted loop id="myVideo">
  <source src="GreIDD5Tech1.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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Hi Experts,

I have a few questions re iPads.

I purchased my iPad in 2012, how can I find out which version is this?

What iPad versions exist?

Compared to mine from 2012 and the newest one, what other major changes? I am mostly a Windows person, and I know if the device can support it you can install any software, but I see the new iPad interface are different?

Two things that I wish my iPad did are... 1) Compared to Outlook for Windows, Tasks (which are reminders in iPad) can be caregorized, you can add custom fields, rich text and attachments. 2) Have RDP access to a Windows server. Does the new iPad have these?

We have one client that has a SBS2011 with Exchange 2010.

One of the users decides they want to use a mac in the environment for external use and internal.

They use the built in email app that buit into the ios OS.

I have added A records on the server DNS for pointing to the exchange servers IP address.

DO I need to add anything else because it still does not work.

I have the internal and external server settings on the app to both
Hello I’m using a minidisplay to DVI converter on a retina 2013. Works fine inside OS x or Windows with bootcamp. The problem is the monitor stopped working and I will give my computer malfunction like it is to another person, but when I press Command + R to make the proper data deletion and re-installation to factory, the signal is not passed to the monitor and of course the monitor of the retina not work and I can’t operate. How can I make to pass the signal to the monitor with the mini display to DVI in restoration menu with Command + R

Thank you
Hello, I've been trying to install Windows 10 on an early 2011 Macbook Pro. It's not officially supported, but I  read everywhere it can be done. There are some troubles though.

I have successfully installed it alongside MacOS High Sierra actually, and everything works except for audio.

I found out audio doesn't work because Uefi Windows 10 installation somehow keeps a Cirrus audio-related device from working.

So I tried to install Windows 10 in Legacy/Bios mode. I chose "Windows" instead of "Uefi Boot" at boot.

But just before the point where Windows usually asks which disk to install on, it actually asks for a missing driver. I tried feeding it Intel xHCI drivers with usb keys, it sees the keys but says it doesn't find any driver.

So I was wondering, is this behaviour due to the fact the disk is partitioned in Uefi mode? So is it impossible to install Windows 10 in Bios mode in such a setup, or am I instead missing something?

Thanks for your help.
Failure with TimeMachine backups. OS Problem?

I had an external disk fail to complete the Time Machine backup with no error message, that I can find. I eventually started afresh using Disk Utility. BUT it still failed!

On another front, I have been told I should re-install the underlying OS on my machine, which I am afraid to do without a current backup!

I do use Cloud based Carbonite, but do not feel safe until I have a hard external backup disk.

The reason I was advised to re-install my OS was that while using Finder, incrementing through my pictures, sometimes the cursor jumps to the end of the list. I did try some small instruction on Mac start-up, if I recall, that involved holding down certain keys.

There was a second instruction, but I sadly can on longer find that post.

So, the last suggestion was to re-install the underlying OS. And it seems I am there right now.

Can anyone suggest a nest step for me?

I can not make a current backup of my machine.

How to split a slide from a presentation using VBA or Apple script. previously i used a VBA code to achieve the same but in powerpoint 16.13.1 I am getting an error as "Mac PPT does not support opening file in window less mode." and it was working on previous versions of PowerPoint.
Sub SaveSlide(lSlideNum As Long, sFileName As String)

    Dim oTempPres As Presentation
    Dim x As Long

    ActivePresentation.SaveCopyAs sFileName
    ' open the saved copy windowlessly
    Set oTempPres = Presentations.Open(sFileName, , , False)

    For x = 1 To lSlideNum - 1

    ' What was slide number lSlideNum is now slide 1
    For x = oTempPres.Slides.Count To 2 Step -1


End Sub

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In the above code I am getting error in this line
 Set oTempPres = Presentations.Open(sFileName, , , False)

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Please help me.
Are there any ways to run iPhones apps within a regular Macintosh computer operating system?
hi guys

Our team use Mac High Sierra and whenever they try to copy a filepath in the finder and paste it into a document or in Outlook, it just does not paste. So for example, if there was a folder on the server and they want its location to be presented to others, they would just select 'copy' on that file location and paste it into an email or a document and it would paste the filepath like smb://server/filelocation.

This is no longer working!! On two separate Macs. It used to work without any issues.

Any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thank for helping
I have a bunch of Macs married to Active Directory. I want to change the default web browser from Safari to Chrome. The machines are running 10.13.5 . I want Chrome to be the default even when a new user logs in on a mobile account for the first time. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks!
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We configure and prepaire IPads with apple configurator 2.5 on a mac.
With this program we change the background, hide some apps, etc.

Now a user wants to change their screen-lock settings, but this setting is locked (greyed out).
I have searched the policies regarding screen-lock but failed to find anythng related to that..

Do you have any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
MacMini/macOS 10.13.4 fails to start after progress bar runs for more than 8 minutes.

Tried steps 1,4, & 5 from - no help

I have up-to-date Time Machine backup, recent Acronis full backup and iTunes Library all on USB drives. Many data files also on iCloud

What would be my best next steps?
Several users who I support with Macs would like to be able to run Mac OS virtual machines within their base Mac operating systems. This will enable them to have one or more Mac virtual machines running within their base Mac operating systems. This will be just like setting up additional Windows virtual machines within Windows 10 or Server 2016.

Is it possible to do this?

If so what software is required and how can this be done?
Need to Connect BlueTooth Transmitter to MacBook

I bought this, with no manual.

I can not see how to  put it in pairing mode.

I see a Power button but when I press and hold, nothing happens.

The toggle switch is set to TX for Trasmitter.
When I press for a shorter time, I see a show flash of blue...that repeats...


How to Scan a barcode into my iPhone 7

I got a BlueTooth kit with no manual or anything.

It says "Having Trouble?"

Scan to Get Help

and shows a barcode.

I have not ever used my iPhone to scan a barcode and need to know what to do.

In Google Chrome Settings we enabled "Show bookmarks bar".

After setting up the bookmarks as we wanted, after a while we noticed what we modified has been returned as before (like we have not modify out Bookmarks Bar).

We have iCloud and it always synced ok, but for some reason the Bookmarks after a while, all reset to its prior stated.

We have Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.  and in out mobiles, Safari in iPhone/iPads

What is going on and how can we fixed his?

To see the effect and maybe it could be fixed,
  • We disable iCloud setting to not sync Bookmarks chrome.
  • then we went into the computer and disable iCloud extension.
  • then deleted all bookmarks in chrome.
  • We went to iphone/ipad and restarted both device (didn't touch the safari bookmark, in both device its the same)
  • Went back to iCloud and enable chrome sync
  • Went back to chrome and re-enable icloud extension

By re-enabling & restarting we though chrome would download from iCLoud, but its empty.

Please advice.

Apple OS





Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.