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Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.

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We need to change a Mac Office 2016 user's Mac Office 2016 license from Retail to Office 365. This is because the retail license doesn't have all of the features that the Office 365 license has.

The user who needs this has already been assigned an Office 365 license but at the time he installed Office 2016 on his Mac (around a year ago) the retail license was used.

Is there an easy way of converting the Mac Office 2016 license from Retail to Office 365 or will we need to completely uninstall Office 2016 Retail and then download and install the Mac Office 2016 Office 365 version?

I have a MacBook Pro. All my software was updated last week, but I want to make sure my new device is protected. What other security software would you recommend or would you recommend any?
Hi Experts
My Mac Book system start with question mark on  afolder
i trying to use recovery mode but it asking about a password and i did't remember it
Please help
I rented a movie on itunes and I am trying to transfer it to my ipod classic 6th generation.  The movie says it is HD.  When I try to move it to my ipod it looks like it will transfer and then it moves back to the other column and is not tranferred.  I assume this is because my generation ipod cannot download it.  When I go to itunes on this movie it does show some details of size that shows an sd version that is smaller in size than the hd one.  I can't seem to find this on the itunes page for the movie.  I also see in my purchased area of itunes that you can uncheck the box that says download hd movies if available.  So here is the question, if I delete the movie (not just try to redownload) will I be able to download it again?  Will it show that I purchased it or is it gone?  I want to do this to try and start from scratch and uncheck the box that says download hd movies if avaialble.    Maybe this is not the answer, any ideas?
I have two Photo Library files and need to purge them. That's because i have all the pictures I want on disk as a JPG or other format. These are duplicates.

When I plug in my phone or camera. it imports to the library. I export the ones I want. So they are duplicate!

How do I purge these files?

I worry about simply deleting them, unless this is the correct step.


45 GB
I wold like to scan my disk for all JPGS and se how large they all add up to. If I right click the selected files and pick "Get Info", Finder opens thousands of little windows.

I want to see the combined sizes of all JPGS.

I am not sure where to look to find what this disk contains and why it's almost full.

See attached error...

Mac Startup Disk is Almost Full
I have a 500GB SSD and have worried for months it was almost maxed out.

How can I find what files can be deleted for this startup disk not to max out?
I had created metadata tags for all of my photos before I had them imported into photos for the Mac. I would like to auto create albums based on the tags in the photos.

I know I can do this with SmartAlbums, but those don’t transfer to mobile or other Macs so I need real albums.

I was thinking with AppleScript I could do something but not proficient there.  Maybe created the Smart Albums from the tags then create albums from all the smart albums?
I have a  MacBook Pro Running Serra 10.12.6.  My Email message panel will not open.
I am getting the following error. two step is off and imap, smtp and pw are all good.

The server for account "Icloud" returned the error "[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed." Your username/password or security settings may be incorrect. Would you like to try re-entering your password?
Hi All -
I am having trouble keeping my connection to an External HDD on my Home network after a while. (Plugged into the main Router via it's USB3 post, not NAS, cannot browse to HDD from Windows or Mac).  I've narrowed the problem down to this: after a while, the LED in the drive is off, and if I unplug/replug it's USB3 cable running from the Router to the Drive, it starts working again. So I suspect that I have a "HDD going into sleep mode" issue.
Does anyone have any advice or solutions for something like this?
I was guessing:
1. Switch to SSD Drive - Do they go to sleep also?
2. Connect HDD to a Computer and not thru a Router connection
3. Spend $$$ and get an NAS
4. I hear there is SW that continually pings a drive to keep it awake. (Sounds a little too much of a bandaid solution for my taste, but whatever works)
5. Different Brand of External HDD?
Some Details:
I have a basic Home Network - Cable Modem into Airport Extreme router into  a TP-Link Managed Switch, and wired/wifi throughout the house, using and  couple of Access Points with same SSID (Airport Express's).
HDD is a LaCie portable 2TB External drive. Just bought it, happy to return it if there is a better drive for this issue.

Thanks in advance for any help!
- B
User has a Macbook Pro that will only attach to a single access point in the building and will not roam from one access point to another.  There are 1700 devices that work just fine and are very mobile.  This device drops the connection and shows that WIFI is on but not connected.  Attempts to connect pops up the connection and asks for a password but will not accept it with an error invalid password.  I have tested it as well in other buildings which all use the same wireless access SSID and pw.  It will connect to the first access point it finds in the building but will not roam to another.  

I updated the OS to High Sierra to see if that would make a difference but the results have been the same.
Cannot update macOS Apps - wrong Apple ID email

I have 2 updates pending on each of 2 Macs. Apple ID request email address is different email from current ID. I cannot get additional Apple ID as I cannot change ID email address to different (Active) Apple ID  - request returns ‘address not available.

If I could switch to working Apple ID. All would be OK. Running macOS 10.13.2

How can I do this?
Recovered data from an external drive used with an Apple Mac. Hfs explorer did the job on a Windows 10 pc. How can I get the data back onto a new drive so the mac owner can get it plugged in to and working so he can copy the DATA?
I had this question after viewing MAC frozen with spinning wheel.

Just suddenly we discover that our mac start giving us very hard time ( before it was little bad), but all of sudden yesterday as soon as we reboot the pc to turn on, the mac turned ON ok, but following things were happening
1) On clicking applications, they just looks like they opening but they won't
2) after every few minutes, screen goes black, and after pressing slightly power button, screen comes back but with spinning mouse

So far we able to do following things
1) Run PC in safe mode,
2) Go to disk utility and run disk first aid repair ( something like that)
3) Run Avasta AV scan ( left for whole night, but in the morning can't see where it finished)

Please assist us
The user has a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)

They accepted a bogus phone call from "Apple Tech Support" and allowed them to run all sorts of 'diagnostics and repairs'   However, they didn't pay any money.

In their defense, they had been recently informed by their bank that some sort of Trojan horse was affecting their computer, and they mistakenly assumed that this was a follow up call.

Apple support had them install the latest version of MalwareBytes Mac, and nothing has been found after the initial scan and cleanup.

For peace of mind, are there other applications that can check for hidden threats?

As I have copied files on a USB 3.0 drive between two SSD based Macs (10.12 Sierra and 10.13 High Sierra), I have noted that there is a significant difference in performance depending on what file system I have chosen for the USB Drive.

I have read some performance comparisons, but they are either outdated or Windows-based and they appear inconsistent with my findings from the file copying.

Hence, could someone share some insights on what file system to use for the purpose of copying files most efficiently between SSD based Macs using a USB 3.0 Drive? (The performance of the drive will also factor in, of course, but in this question I am interested in the effects of the file system as they can potentially reduce the effective performance of a USB Drive.)

The file systems that I have available to choose from in my MacOS setup:

- ExFat
- MS-DOS (FAT)   [Disregarding the 4GB file size limit to focus on performance]
- Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

(I am disregarding the Encrypted and Case-sensitive alternatives of Mac OS Extended assuming that they will not perform better.)

What I am doing is
- copying to and from a USB 3.0 Drive (meaning that both writes and reads will factor in)
- approximately 300 GB of data consisting of tens of thousands of files with a file size of a few KB's up to hundreds of MB's. (There are some files in sizes of GB as well, but they are exceptions.)

If I left out something significant from the question, let me know and I am …
I have trouble getting my Creative T3150 to become visible on Bluetooth. I turned BT on with my iPhone and my MacBook, and had the Creative T3150 powered on. Yet, it is not visible on my my iPhone not my MacBook.

Is there a step I need to execute on the Creative T3150 to become visible?

How do I check the disk utilized on my 500GB flash drive?

Then, how do I find a list of files, in order of file size?

If I buy an iPhone X, what is the maximum resolution for an external monitor?  Will it run a 4K monitor at 3840x2160?
I am working with a small group of sales people and we'd like to divide commissions in thirds for each of us. But I see this would mean we'd need some corporate entity to manage this. But that is not the reason for my question on EE.

What systems exist for dividing commissions? I see this as a potentially complex process to manage.

Are there systems that can be licensed or used online to manage this for me?

I use a Mac, so any non-web app would require Mac support.

One of my co-workers informed me that a family member received an error message on their Home MAC Laptop “Error #0x80072ee7"  A good description of the problem is on this web site:

My co-worker actually called the number and someone was able to remote into his home laptop.  Afterwards he called me and asked me for my thoughts.  I told him it was a scam and not to trust that person or call that number again.  My co-worker informed me that even though the fake spam tech was on his wife's laptop for 3 minutes that same guy did not connect to his work MAC laptop (that is at home).

I want to scan every device that this co-worker has before he connects to our corporate network.  I researched an anti-virus that can be used for MAC/Apple Laptops and found:  

Then I would suggest that the co-worker use that anti-virus program for every other Apple device at his home.   For Windows computers I like to use Hitman pro; but, there are a lot of other programs as well.

I wanted to ask the Experts, if I should do anything else besides scan the co-worker Apple devices (Home and Work Devices)?  I am also thinking about having a little safe computing presentation for top executives of the company.  Even if their time is extremely important.

So my questions is:

What should I do to make sure that the co-worker's devices are virus free before he connects with them to the corporate network?  SO…

I just installed Outlook in a Mac but it downloads all emails from my hotmail accounts, there are thousands of emails.

Is there an option where I can only select to download new emails? I can this on a PC but I can't seem to find this option on the Mac.

Thank you.
My PO3 account in MAC (Outlook 2016) is getting the following error
"The connection to the server was failed or dropped - error 3253 could not retrieve mail" and tried changing the SMTP port to 587 which was 25 earlier but no luck.

MAC OS - High Sierra 10.3 and outlook 15.39

Any resolution method to fix this
Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend who has a fairly new iMac, running El Capitan, and Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. I sent up an IMAP account with his e-mail (from AT&T), which is able to send and receive. However, it constantly prompts him to input his smtp password, and I have confirmed that the smtp settings and port number is correct. I have tried every possible AT&T server settings, and I check "Keep this password in the keychain". He typically inputs his password in the morning, and ignores all requests that appear after (usually several per day) and his email then sends normally. This issue is not preventing him from using his e-mail, but it is highly irritating.

I am convinced it is either a Microsoft application or operating system issue. Both Office & El Capitan are up to date.

Please advice to make this incredibly annoying error message exist no more!

Many thanks in advance,


Apple OS





Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.