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Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.

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We have a bunch of MAC's using AFS formatting. We have a NAS that does not have the horsepower to keep up. So my question is is there any solution that we can add to the server that will allow AFS formatting and give us the performance we need? I know I can purchase a $1000 NAS and accomplish this, but trying to see if there is a simple cost effective solution that we can add to hardware we already own.( Server)
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We have a staff and who uses a windows laptop to RDP  into our network . Recently  i brought a 9.7 inch ipad for the staff and  and it is possible to use the RDP from the ipad.
If so please let me know the best app that i need to download and install on the ipad for doing the RDP.

HI there,

i'm trying to get an iMac running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to boot up again. It was constantly freezing up with the a continous spinning wheel so i was recommended to "Repair Disk Permissions", after doing this it will not boot back up again. It boots into recovery mode, asks me which language i want to use then i get
OS X Utillities -
Restore from Time Machine Backup
Reinstall OS X
Get help online
Disk Utility
There is no Time Machine backup so i opened Disk Utility and ran the various verify/repair disk & have included screenshots of the results.
I also ran diskutil list from Terminal & included the screenshot aswell.
I guess first think i'd like to know is if it's possible to back up my files from here & secondly is it possible to get it to boot up again without reinstalling. Also is this a sign that the hard drive needs repalcing?
I'm a novice with Macs & OS X so be as detailed as possible please & as always all help is much appreciated.
I'm experiencing a sync error in Outlook 2016 for Mac in an Office 365 Exchange environment. (O365 Support hasn't been able to resolve.) Very high volume mail user with two connected "Office 365 Group" mailboxes (not standard Shared Mailboxes). Errors pile up in the Sync Errors log until Outlook crashes or are cleared every 15-30 minutes. No negative effect on mailflow. Error information:
Error code: -19928
Details: ChangeKey is required for this operation.
Error: Could not synchronize record: **mail message**

Resolutions attempted:
-empty individual mailbox caches
-rebuild profile
-reinstall Office
-create new user and migrate smtp addresses
-powershell enableoutlookformac, enableoutlook commands

Additional notes:
-Errors also appear when account is connected to an other Outlook for Mac 2016 client on a different computer running the same version of Mac OS.
what is the best way to remote into a mac from another mac with having control and without having to use teamviewer as its block via policy.
I would like to ensure that any folders or files created on a MAC always have full access to both administrators that use the MAC.
It seems that a folder was created however the permission on the folder was only based on the user that was accessing the MAC at that time, that was logged in.
I would like the permissions to show for both Admins - and I would like this automatically configured for any and all files and folders that are created on the MAC.
Is this possible?
Weird phenomenon here ... I'm trying to share an Outlook 2016 calendar from person A with person B's Mac:

- the shared calendar is visible in person B's web mail interface
- it's not visible in person B's Outlook 2016 for Mac interface
- it's not visible in person B's iCal

Even after having clicked on 'accept calendar' and then 'show calendar' in Outlook 2016 for Mac on person B's Mac it simply switches to display the default calendar, the shared calendar doesn't appear ... (except, as indicated above, in the web mail view)

Any ideas!? Thanks!
My system administrator wants me to wipe an imac to make sure no malware is on it.  If I boot to internet, will it effectively wipe/reformat the HD and re-install the OS?
I'm facing an issue on Powerpoint 365 on MAC is crashed from time to time,
Hi, what would be the Best Practice for Mac Users in Windows AD?
Is there any particular GPO need to set up for Mac Users? I remember I had to set up SMB signing policy for Mac Users before. is this still need in Windows 2016 Forest environment?

Thank you.
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I have a collection of about 10,000 photos taken in my travels to various countries and they have been set up to be randomly shown as my desktop picture. My problem is that I often don't remember where the photo in use was taken and I'm hoping to find a way or an app that would display that location in a corner of the wallpaper.  The 'Photos' app knows where they were taken so it should be possible. I'm looking for a solution for my desktop, can anyone help me out?
Dear Support,

Good Day,

We have around 15 Mac Laptop on our Org., need to take backup via the network to windows shared folder... please guide me how to do that.

Hi all is there any software out there that operates on all the platforms is easy priced and lets me store all data photos jobs history passwords for my aging clients who can’t remember anything.

Thanks for all the help throughout the years
Has anyone experienced slow backups with Time Machine?  Right now, I have 1.11GB to backup and it says 4 hrs (only backed up 60MB).  I am on a GB network and we are backing up to a NAS.  I copied my VM (80GB) to the network (same destination NAS) in about 10 minutes a few days ago so it's not network speed, disk speed, etc.
Hello I have a Mac running high Sierra that will not join this network. I am getting this message.  wifi has the self assigned ip address and will not be able to connect to the internet. I have remove the wifi connection, cleared the access point keychain, removed these files from the System Configuration folder


any suggestions?
Using MacBook Pro (late 2011) 2.4GHi7 w 16GB mem 750GB HD partitioned 430GB Mac (42GB avail)/ 231GB Win (31GB avail) Journaled HFS+;
  running High Sierra v10.13.2 w Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac Pro v14.0.1
  Using 2 Airport Time Capsules 4th Gen v7.6.9, 3TB ea formatted AFP (the one being used for backup through Time Machine reports 923GB free through Disk InventoryX app)
  Time Capsules run under Airport Extreme 5th Gen v7.6.9.

Backups through Time Machine > Time Capsule are taking 6+ days (not sure of exact time; I'm having to cancel them).

Ran a few tests (under only MacOS; Windows not booted; Parallels not running); Wi-Fi turned off; Time Capsule connected to MBP via ethernet; running no other apps at time:

Test 1:  dragged 1.0 GB app file from MBP HD to Time Capsule to check write rate  RESULT:  Took over 25 minutes (approx 0.7 MB/s)
Test 2:  ran LAN_Speed Test to Time Capsule with 100MB packet size RESULT:  1.4 Mbps writing to TC, 1.7 Mbps reading from TC

Given the specs on the MBP and TC (1Gps ethernet port) the data transfer rates are excessively slow.

What can I do to fix this?  I can't leave my MBP tethered via ethernet to the Time Capsule for over a week to do a backup (need to take it to work daily).
i can only login to my macbook on safe mode only not when how i does log in normally. i removed the mac from the domain and re-add and its still not working.

please help
I had a PCI compliance scan done and it came back with a failure for IIS OPTIONS and they said I needed to set to deny it in IIS. Whenever I do that it causes our phone email stop syncing. We are using Exchange 2010 server at the company and Apple Mail app to sync (please don't just suggest I use something else). I have googled until I'm blue in the face and can't find any relationship between OPTIONS method and Apple Mail. Can anyone please help?
Have been battling this issue for over a year now, here is my setup

i have mac AD users, their macbooks are joined to AD with a software called Centrify, every 90 Days our AD users need to reset their passwords. the Centrify app prompts them to reset their AD password however when they enter their old and new password the Centrify app prompts them that they have not reach their complexity requirements require for their password. Now AD actually takes the password but the user thinks it does not and now the user cannot login to their macbook

the workaround for me is to remove the user from the domain then re-add the macbook

any ideas what this could be.
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I need to lock down the USB ports of all devices to only allow specific device ID's.  I have a solution for the windows PC's but I am looking for the best way to do it on the Mac devices.
This is a domain environment so I need to be able to push it out to multiple machines.

We have a bunch of Ipads and we have fixed IP's on them.  Is there a way to stop users from changing networks or for that matter locking down setting?
We operate a mixed network of computers, largely PCs with one MAC running High Sierra.  The MAC is new and runs Office 2016.  When we try and mail merge from Word 2016 on the MAC, the computer seems to be refusing to access the merge data .CSV file, saying there's no data at the end of the merge wizard screens.  I've Googled the problem and the most often found solution is that the Apple Sandbox is refusing access to the .CSV file (which is in a shared folder on a file server running WIndows 7).  Is there a way to mark the entire file share folder on the PC as safe?
I am trying to use the apple script from the answer to this question: to extract attachements from a certain sender in microsoft outlook:

set saveToFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose the destination folder") as string
set ctr to 0

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
	set srcFolder to mail folder "inbox" of exchange account "FOO"
	set selectedMessages to messages of srcFolder
	repeat with msg in selectedMessages
		set ctr to ctr + 1
		set msgsender to the sender of msg
		set senderaddress to the address of msgsender
		if "some@some.some" = senderaddress then
			set attFiles to attachments of msg
			repeat with f in attFiles
				set attName to (get the name of f)
				log attName
				set saveAsName to saveToFolder & attName
				log saveAsName
				save f in POSIX file saveAsName
			end repeat
		end if
	end repeat
end tell
display dialog "" & ctr & " messages were processed" buttons {"OK"} default button 1
return ctr

Open in new window

However, the script is not able to save the file, ie. it throws: "error "Microsoft Outlook got an error: Parameter error." number -50".
I have a Macbook Pro Mid 2012 model that recently had a video issue this morning. Screen went black as I was using it, so I hard reset, powered back on and got the login screen. Right as I was typing, screen went black once again and I can no longer get back to the sign in page. Things I have tried:

Typing password and hitting enter hoping it would still go into OSX
Reset PRAM and SMC
Plug in two external HDMI monitors. Them monitor and tv go active like they pick up a device but nothing is ever shown on the screen.
I opened the laptop up, unplugged video cable, plugged back in. Also did the same with the battery cable.

Guessing something on the logic board went toast?

I would like to find a way where I can screen share from MacBook to 22x iMacs.
We are running a medical imaging course and it would be beneficial for the delegates to see the slides and content that is being shown by the presenter on a MacBook on the podium up close on the iMacs which each delegate will have in front of them. They will be using software on them later in the day.

I know I could use the native OSX screen sharing software but I wonder if it has limitations when trying to share to 22x iMacs simultaneously?

I presume to maintain performance that an ethernet/switch setup is best rather than attempting a Wi-Fi router.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Apple OS





Apple's early computers ran on a variety of operating systems, including a Pascal version and one based on CP/M, before releasing its ProDOS with the advent of its 16-bit computer. With the release of the Lisa, which had its own OS, Apple and computing entered the graphical age; it was followed by the Macintosh, which offered a series of "System" operating systems. Other Mac operating systems included PowerPC until Apple acquired NeXT and folded it into the Mac OS. Current operating systems for Apple devices are Mac OS-X and iOS.